The $500 Gaming PC Upgrade: CoD 4, Crysis, UT 3 Performance Explored

While cynics believe otherwise, it doesn't cost a fortune to build a solid PC for gaming. In fact, FiringSquad believe $500 is all you need to upgrade an existing PC. In this article, they spec out a $500 upgrade and compare its performance to that of a high-end Core 2 Extreme gaming rig. How close do they perform to one another? You may be surprised by the results.

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TheMART4866d ago

One small flaw in this all: within one or two years you have to do the upgrading circus again. While the consoles keep you playing for at least 5 years without worrying about upgrading to a next gen one.

Really. PC gaming and console gaming are just a world of difference:

Keyboard: designed for TYPING
Mouse: designed for pointing the arrow across your screen for switching programs etc.

Computer+keyboard/mouse+monit or= desk work, no relaxed gaming
Console+controller+surround+c ouch+big ass HDTV = living room relaxed gaming

With certain games, the PC setup I could prefer, RTS etc.
But overal? Console. No Vista/XP starting up, installing, driver issues, other processes running and a 550 watt power supply running for nothing.

DethWish4866d ago

With a PC like that starting up XP takes less time than starting up a 360

xionpunk4866d ago

Yeah the every 2 year thing is right... Which is why I have this same old
crappy gateway with a gf6200 card. I' rather put down $400-500 for a ps3
which will keep me satisfied for 5-10 years.

dexterwang4866d ago

I don't know why pc gaming have such a bad sigma... most likely created by people like the mart who can't afford anything worth a s*%t

Upgrading your video card once every 1-2 years is way overexaggerated... If you gotten the x1950 when it came out a couple of years ago, it'd still run games fine, you won't be able to run crysis on high but medium isn't bad at all... you won't even see crysis running on consoles!

It doesn't take a retard to know that mouse and keyboard are perfectly designed for RTS, FPS, and point/click kind of games (sims, diablo, etc)

Console gaming is best for sports, racing and RPGs/platformers

I'm not bashing consoles here, as I own all consoles, but you really need both consoles and PCs to enjoy the full gaming experience.. if you are missing one, you're missing out.

And the statement about keyboard being designed for typing is ridiculous and simply blatantly show your a noob at pc gaming... espcially for FPSes... keyboard binding, fast weapon switches, the ability to press multiple buttons at the same time, type chatting! There are some good console FPSes out there, ie Halo and RFOM, which are all great games, but those games will be so much greater on PCs

And for those that disagree, there was a pcgamer article where they had their editors (who rarely play halo) using keyboard/mouse to go up against xbox magazine editors who are using a gamepad in halo (can't remember 1 or 2)... even with the help of autoaim, the pcgamer ppl kicked their asses!

fermcr4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

It seems everybody complains the price of PC's but don't take in the account that Console games are double the price of PC games. With 2 years of saving money in games half the price you can afford a new update for the PC and still spare some money for others things. Some people are just blind... they don't take in account the price of the games. Take this example... some game UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3 for PC and PS3

Same game...Double the price. Console fanboys are just blind.

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BrianC62344866d ago

This is exactly why I don't buy PC games anymore. You have to spend $500 on a good graphics card to keep up with the games. I already spent plenty on my PC. It does everything I need. The grpahics card isn't quite good enough for the newest games but is plenty of power anyway. But then, most PC games still don't push my card anyway. PC gaming is terrible unless you don't care about the latest grpahics. I'll stick to console gaming for now.

ShiftyLookingCow4866d ago

you are beating a horse long beaten to death but the graphics card's price is not 500 its 250

BrianC62344866d ago

I've already spent too much on my PC as it is. The big problem with PC gaming is it's a bottomless pit if you want to keep up. When I bought my current graphics card it was one of the best you could buy and it isn't that old. Most PC games never took advantage of it even. Now it isn't good enough to really run the newest games properly. Console gaming isn't that expensive. I just laugh at people who cry about the price of the PS3. They obviously never got into PC gaming. But I'm done doing more PC upgrades just to play the newest PC games. I even have Vista on my computer. I think that was a mistake even. My PC is good enough now to do everything I need. I'm just done with PC gaming. Unless the game will run okay on my PC and the PS3 doesn't get the game.

DethWish4866d ago

My GPU was mid-range over 2 years ago.. and runs crysis without lag, so I kinda fail to see your point and also what card you can possible talk about

KINGDRAMA4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
X-fi sound card connects to receiver(ALLOWING FOR MANY AUDIO FIDELITY OPTIONS)
video cards support dvi(so do most midrange to high end hdtvs)
Ps2 wireless controller with rumble.
OVERCLOCKING!!!cpu/ram/gfxcar d
Black Leather couch

Mart u live in a basement no wonder you bash everything you dont have.

GET your facts straight and at least TEST THINGS OUT. before trying to sound semi intelligent.

now go play with your p1,tnt,64mb,15inch crt pc. LEAVE THE REAL GAMING TO THE REAL GAMERS

TheMART4866d ago

So if you lay on your back, how comfortable is it to have a keyboard to hold? And where exactly do you put your mouse? A controller you can even swing in the air and still game. That PS2 controller isn't very suitable for RTS or World of Warcraft is it?

And a PC rig big housing in your living room? Nah. Really. I have a PC pretty good still for todays games. But I am not gaming so much on it any more since I bought my 360. I have been a PC gamer for a long, long time dude. You might first want to ask. With XBOX 1 I used them both. But since 360 and XBL in this form, I only use my PC for Word, internet and stuff that belongs to a PC

okcomputer4866d ago

Couldn't have said it better. Bubbles for you king. Some people are just so insecure they have to bash everything they don't have to make themselves feel better.

MaximusPaynicus4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

You know, while PC gaming will always have its followers (even I play on PC from time to time), its reasons like price that will ensure it never overtakes the consoles. Most people simply don't have absurd amounts of cash to throw down on a video card that will just have to be replaced in one or two years.

With that said, this is a damn fine article that everyone who's had an interest in PC gaming should look at.

DethWish4866d ago

Thing is... PC gaming is still larger than all active consoles together

KINGDRAMA4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

thats not a bad pc d-i-y formula right there. Most people go this route anyway.
alot buy alienware with their 1k markup. alot of others go hpblackbird. In the end theres different levels of affordability aimed for all.

MART: youd be surprised how comfortable the K+m work on the couch.

gamepad is ok for san andreas and marvel alliance and driving games(games of that nature). k+m take care of everything else. not that hard is it?

BTW shooters BELONG on the pc. thats why cod4 ut3 and gears of war will blow any console away. Actually most 360 exclusive games are on pc.... ALL 5 OF THEM

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