KMart denies HD exclusivity

Despite varying reports, KMart seems to be denying that they will be HD-DVD only.

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cuco334867d ago

How are they getting owned?

Kmart still sells the PS3 so by nature, you can't be exclusive without dropping the game console.

I'm not one for stores, studios, and businesses to pick sides. I think everything should be offered everywhere and let the CONSUMER decide... blu wouldn't want that though since the masses go first to price and we all know... HD DVD hardware is far cheaper than BD hardware.

Now watch as all the Sony droids disagree with me

Bleyd4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

But not for what you might think. While his opinion is clearly just that, he leaves no room for anyone to argue his points by declaring that anyone who disagrees with him is, by implication, a "Sony droid". He starts with a statement that anyone would be a fool to disagree with stating that Kmart can't be exclusive so long as they're still selling the PS3. But then he goes on saying that he thinks that all stores should sell every option and to let the consumer decide. He forgets, however, that this option usually ends up with a split format userbase and no one wins including the consumer. Or maybe that's exactly what he wants because he'd rather see Microsoft win with some sort of electronic distribution which, by the way, the network infrastructure in the US can't possibly support en masse for many years to come. Or maybe it's just his die-hard hate of the Sony brand that makes his decision for him? Who can tell? But one thing is for sure: you can't ever disagree with him on any point or else you MUST be a Sony droid regardless of how you disagree. Very clever indeed.

Armyless4867d ago

Mis-characterize your opponent, rather than logically debate a different point of view.

Unfortunately many of these so-called "gamers" lack the mental stamina to wage a sustained debate over something innocuous as a plastic disc.

Bleyd4867d ago

I know this tactic. This is the same tactic that Liberals use when you try to explain to them that Global Warming isn't scientifically founded. They immediately mis-characterize you as an environment hater and a person that wants to see the world burn in flames and die.

cuco334867d ago

You guys are funny, you actually made me realize there are SOME people on here with a sense of humor and a decent head on their shoulders. But I'll come out and give you another spin... I'm an engineer, and such have been trained to look at things from ALL sides. Sadly N4G is the next, filled with Sony droids and idiotic comments that have no basis but fanboyistic opinions. Free world though right? These posts I make are opinion as well but I can support any opinion I have with fact. Again, goes back to what I do and how I think. ;)

I have no hatred towards Sony products (well, OK their laptops are horrible), I just don't like how they conduct business. I have a ton of Sony products at home (old CRT TV, mini dresser radio, alarm clock, PS2, PSP, soon to be PS3, etc). I just personally think that the masses aren't deciding yet on HDM not just because of pricing but mainly because they are heavily confused. Think how they own a tv that says HDTV and now Sony, preaching 1080p, says their products are 'trueHD' (just for an example). I know a lot of people personally that won't enter HDM because of this war and because they want ALL movies, not just the ones their player supports. It's clear price is a big factor and such, if all studios were neutral, and all stores carried all players and software, price would be the only concern. Why pay more for the same thing?

Be a movie fanboy, not a format fanboy.

The Wood4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

kidding, bubble + for cuco33, Bleyd and Armyless for being good sports and actually showing intelligence with wit. lesser types would of taken the 'disagree with me and your a sony droid' way TOO seriously.

bluray ftw, joking, couldn't giva really apart from the fact that i own a ps3. ill also add that i hate sony ericssons so you cant pigeon hole me so easily (nokia ftw)

Armyless4866d ago

The weekends are dull on N4G, but it beats the rampant crap that filters through here every weekday.

I think you nailed it with this comment.

"the masses aren't deciding yet on HDM not just because of pricing but mainly because they are heavily confused."

I can't tell you how many times I've overheard the "average" consumer asking questions in Best Buy or Circuit City and the only thing they're looking for in HD TV's is...

wait for it...

"Flat Panel." Sad but true. "I want to buy a Flat Screen TV".

"Well look no further, you've come to the right place!"


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kalistyles4867d ago

if they did sell just HD DVD, Blu Ray is the way to go.

Violater4867d ago

There are a lot of bluray backers with big names like Disney carrying numerous licenses.

tientch14867d ago

How HD DVD camp and his associates in the media industry are trying to mislead consumer again.

gEnKiE4867d ago

lol.....Kmart? Thats still around?

Armyless4867d ago

they can't afford to replace the florouscent bulbs in the big red K

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