IGN: Where's Rare? - What could be next for this secretive developer

Would you believe Banjo Kazooie is almost 10 years old now? That makes IGN feel old. But it probably makes Rare, the company also behind GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Kameo and many other quality games, feel like part of the game development woodwork. The company has come a long way since Jetpac and Battletoads - some might agree that, as of late, the company's releases have definitely flown under the radar or, with the exception of Viva Pinata, lacked that certain Rare quality that set the Stamper brothers' company apart from the flock.

It's not fair to say this is a company that has lost its touch - it's just a very different studio to the one IGN fondly recall from 1998. It's with this understanding in mind that IGN are taking a few pot-shots at what Rare are up to between now and 2010 - outside of the announced Viva Pinata DS and PC games.

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AllanWakker4866d ago

What's next for Rare?

Another crappy 360 exclusive that is hyped by the usual Xbot sites like EGM and 1UP and does nothing to help worldwide sales of the floundering console.

MK_Red4866d ago

Hope Free Radical (Ex-Rare members who worked on Golden Eye and the original Perfect Dark) join forces with Rare and make a true next-gen Golden Eye 2 for PS3, 360 and PC.

But the Rare game I really REALLY want to see happen is new next-gen Killer Instinct.

skitzoid4866d ago

I would "kill" for a new Killer Instinct game.

It would be nice to see a sequel to Kameo as well.

rbanke4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

I too would love a killer instinct remake/sequel. I would buy a 360 to play it if i needed.

mesh14866d ago

free radical just say that so they can make a name for them selves golden eye team members are still in rare.

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kingboy4866d ago

Bring back Killer Instinct

socomnick4866d ago

yea please new killer instinct or a next gen Battle toads.

THE_JUDGE4866d ago

They're last couple of games bombed. I wish they were how they used to be but they aren't. They used to make classic games now they make throw away games. I doubt they can turn it all around. The same people aren't there, they lost their mojo.

kingfury4866d ago

Micro$oft will make sure Killer Instinct wont be made. Micro$oft has a knack of paying devs NOT to make what the fans want.

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The story is too old to be commented.