Circuit City Ripping Off Xbox 360 Customers

How bad does Circuit City want your money? So much so that the retailer is willing to "instal" backward compatibility on your Xbox 360. This retailer is trying to convince customers, who sadly do not know better, that this is a service they need. Backward compatibility updates over Xbox Live. And if you don't have an internet connection, Microsoft will happily send you the backward compatibility software, which users can easily install themselves.

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Sphinx5870d ago

...for people who don't have internet connection, that isn't a bad idea.

Silverwolf5870d ago

when MS could send you a disk for free.

Sphinx5870d ago

...but some people don't want to wait. They are being sleezy with trying to make it sound more than what it is, but it is a useful service for a very small portion of 360 owners.

spasticjustice5868d ago

Best Buy has lables on the 360's they are selling stating, "Let us install it for you". How hard is it to install a 360?

FeralPhoenix5867d ago

You can't be serious, $28.99 for something thats already available for free. Circuit City is basicly running a scam to rip off ill-informed/kids/consumers/gr andparents that think they may need this so lil Johnny can play this brand new console he's been begging for. Also I believe you can buy a 12 mo. gold subscription for $35 bucks, which is only 6 bucks more, and if they can't afford broadband service most likely they don't have a HDTV which makes the BC upgrade for the Xbox games irrevelant for them. Thats just wrong, plain and simple.

kewlkat0075867d ago

unsuspecting peeps. I got my 360 at costcos pack for $475 with PG3 and Wireless Controller. I do love thier return policy. The guy told me I can return it after 6 years if I have my receipt.

Scrooge5867d ago

Heck, send your X360 to me. I'll install backwards compatibility for 20.00, I'll even install a 20 gig hard drive for you as a free service when you purchase it from me for 129.99 , does this ripoff sound familiar?

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The story is too old to be commented.