Battlefield 3 recognized as "risk factor" for Call of Duty

TVGB: "In a note to investors, Activision's Modern Warfare 3 is getting high praise from Stern Agee's Arvind Bhatia. The "very impressive" closing chapter of the Modern Warfare storyline will "probably" out-do its 2010 predecessor Black Ops, the analyst believes. Regardless, EA and DICE's challenger Battlefield 3 is deemed a risk factor for the Call of Duty franchise in general."

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firemassacre3741d ago

Battlefield 3 recognized as "risk factor" for Call of Duty

thats a polite way of saying activision is sh!tting their pants.

Crazyglues3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Actually yeah that is a serious understatement, I think BF3 is far more then a "Risk Factor" in-fact I would go on to say it's a Direct threat to the entire COD franchise - and all future COD titles..

As more and more gamers start to play and understand battlefield it becomes harder and harder to go back to playing COD

Battlefield's approach to the FPS genre has been pure genius, as instead of trying to copy COD they have instead focus on making what is good in BF2 even better -(they basically do things the battlefield way- (which tends to be more real)

Example- Unlike COD when you take a sniper shot from 2 miles out, the bullet tends to dip as the distance increases -just like real life.. COD -shoot a sniper shot from 8 miles out and instant head shot, no skill required..

So even though I hate snipers -(always spoiling my fun) I respect them in BF, because I know that was not an easy shot.. Unlike in COD where any fool can be a sniper

BF3 will be the game people learn to respect, because there is no question in my mind if you buy MW3 you will soon regret that purchase a few days after playing it and seeing that it's the same old 2007 COD engine with no real improvements, just another skin pack to a four year old game..

and while some will enjoy that, the Real Gamers who always cry out for new and amazing things to be done and keep wanting developers to push their self will come to appreciate Battlefield...

In the End BF3 is going to change everything - and it will become the new FPS KING... -the writing is on the wall...

-and it says, "Modern Warfare your time has come and passed, sorry if you didn't get the memo" ...LoL



I will b buying both COD MW3 & BF3

Inside_out3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Every game releasing this holiday has risk factors...kinda like a chance of rain on a hot day.

I have faith that EA and Dice will flop in comparison...and fail spectacularly as people try to type up their reviews through the yawns. IF...( I think they will copy COD )... Dice sticks to their " war sim " mentality, the "new " gen of hardcore A.D.D enthusiasts will not stay on board. Sure, EA and Dice will get their sales because they have decided to launch their game so close to COD, BUT and this is a big but, gamers will flood the market with used Battlefield games as soon as MW3 and see.

What EA is doing is no different than a business opening up across the street from a very successful business and trying to steal their customers knowing full well their product sucks and could not stand up on it's own, in this case, launch window and have decided through fraudulent means ( high end PC footage ) to discredit their far superior competitor. They did the same thing with MOH ( cod ) and Shift ( Forza 3 ) as well as NFS ( GT ). They believe let the other guys create the buzz and will just push our crap like as good or better with lies and does work from time to time but eventually the truth comes out and the gamers don't come back.

btw...paid $9.99 for MOH. COD 4 sells for more and is years older let alone MW2 and Black Ops.

BabyCarlos3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Does anybody give a damn about what some analysts in some darn little unknown office believe?

MidnytRain3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

There are 6,852,472,823 people on this planet. SOMEONE must care.

tigertron3741d ago

Bobby Kotick?

I know I don't care, but may the best game win. Well...that probably won't happen, sales wise.

leahcim3741d ago

Both are boooring fps!!! so repetitive....

Apollyn3741d ago

Sex can become repetitive but that doesn't make it boring.

leahcim3740d ago

youve got a poin there!

thekiddfran3741d ago

No matter what scores battlefield gets and no matter how innovative the gameplay is, COD will still win in sales....unfortunately.

MasterCornholio3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

But no matter how good Battlefield 3 will be. Call of Duty will outsell it due to the tremendous fanbase that it has. It really saddens me too see this happen. Just goes to show that some gamers cant tell a pile of dung from a shining diamond.

By the way this is just my opinion

Oh and Sales not equal to quality

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