"Being different is beautiful"

Spark Unlimited lead designer John Garcia-Shelton believes taking on market-leading games by imitating them is a mistake. For him and his Pandora's Box-themed shooter Legendary: The Box, the key to success is offering you something unique.

"If I felt I was making a game like BioShock or Halo I would feel pressure to outdo them," John Carcia-Shelton told Eurogamer. "But we bring something different to the table that they don't and it's that energy and intensity and experience for the player that we believe will make us stand out in our own way."

"You can't out-Halo Halo, and the same goes for BioShock, but being different is a beautiful thing that gamers want and appreciate."

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kingfury4868d ago

And what has he brought to the market? Nothing. You get the same product on 360. Creativity is dead on that platform,

Halo 3-Lame

Grassroots4868d ago

This game sounds interesting to keep my eyes on.

I have to disagree Bioshock def wasn't lame, and I wont but many will disagree about Halo.

ry-guy4868d ago

If the AI is pulled off like they want it to I think this game will be a hit.

WilliamRLBaker4868d ago

Diffrent isn't allways beatiful different at times is messy, stupid and not worthwhile.

There are many Different games out their that outright suck, And their are many games that follow the old formulas and do it very well that are amazing.

So just making that statement is wrong.