Sony will drop prices for its Blu-ray DVD player as it spars with HD DVD

Sony's Blu-ray DVD player will drop 20 percent or more in price this holiday season to less than $400 from $499.99 now, Stan Glasgow, president of Sony Electronics, said Thursday.


CORRECTION: Glasgow said Sony's Blu-ray player prices will fall to a rock-bottom of $400, not less. See alternative sources.

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gamesblow4867d ago

I'm a big time supporter of Blu-ray and have now bought over 26 movies, as of yesterday. I've had a single player Blu-ray for about 4 months now too. I wouldn't midn getting the cheaper 40 gig Ps3 for another one for downstairs, either. If it's not Direct Downloads, Blu-ray is my choice of format. Simple as that. I'll be right there to buy up any and everything blu-ray as long as we have a media to contend with. I'm still awaiting the day for everything to go download only, though. That's going to be killer.

cuco334867d ago

They did from the get go. The second the PS3 dropped in price, stand alones needed to shift their market strategy in terms of pricing. Why would someone pay for an obsolete 1.0 profile BD stand alone for MORE than what a soon to be 1.1 compliant PS3? To add insult to injury, entry level HD DVD players are going for super cheap now ($100 clearance of gen2, <$200 gen3, soon to come uber cheap stand alones from China and Venturer).

jiggyjay4867d ago

@gamesblow.. Too bad your not like the 300 million americans who don't make 6 figure salaries! If most americans were like you then blu ray would've already won!

AllanWakker4867d ago

Silly Xbots still pretending the dead HD-DVD format is relevant.

Here's the real headline(de-Xbotized):

"BluRay drive manufacturing prices continue to plummet leading to cheaper PS3 and standalone prices"

cherdman4867d ago

Oh dear. And tell me why competition isn't a good thing?

supermandead6664867d ago

If peoples have any brain cell just get the freakin 40gb ps3.

aba4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

I been trying to find out but have gotten mixed answers.

EDIT: Is there a date for release? Are they gonna release it separately or package it with the console?

Fighter4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Not for North America and Europe. Only for Japan. You can probably import the controller but it will cost extra and you might end up paying double or triple. I wish we had rumble in time for the holidays but it won't happen.

Sony has to get rid of all those sixaxis controllers before they move to rumble and that sucks for us consumers.

Edit: @bladestar

Impressive. How did you get all you bubbles back? I remember you just had one bubble a few weeks back.

Bladestar4867d ago

@gamesblow - Do you know why Blu-ray took the lead from HD DVD? do you think is because of technology or because blu-ray supports 2160P? Both formats are relative the same in terms of what they can do... at least as far as the stream consumer can tell.
But do you know why? Yes.... the PS3. The PS3 offered the cheapest entry into the HD world.... look at around now... back when the PS3 was introduced HD DVD were more expensive than the PS3 itself... today.... stand alone HD players (including blu-ray players) are starting to get cheaper than consoles... anyone wanting to buy an HD player and do not care about games... do not have to buy a console...
the PS3 is no longer a big factor in the format war...

"Silly Xbots still pretending the dead HD-DVD format is relevant." sadly... lemmings... are still pretending that $400 vs $99 is irrelevant...

gamesblow4867d ago

Blu-ray is supported y me cause of the following reasons... The Simpsons, Sony pictures, Seinfeld... Pirates... I can go on and on and on. Sony owns every movie franchise I like and would buy and if they don't, they're backed by someone who does. Lionsgate, for instance. Blu-ray is my choice because of the movies. I could care less about 50 gb of data for my movies. I care about the movies represented on the formats. HD-dvd doesn't have what I want. Simple and clean.

Biphter4867d ago

Is win USA and Canada. Everywhere else its completely dead already (In Denmark its never really existed from the start).

Bladestar, The PS3 has been more expensive than the Toshiba player for EVER! Where did you pull them mad facts? Toshiba released the player back in 2006 for $499 and have been steadily reducing the price to this bargain basement clearout price $99 (official $199) over that period. At the same time the PS3 has been reducing in price but its NEVER been cheaper! and it STILL outsells HD-DVD standalones by about 10 to 1.

This reduced price thing is bullsheet, they put a sale sign up for a product they have next to no stock for (or do they??)! Its attention grabbing, to make it look like the player is "Sold out in minutes". Its a desperate way to gain demand.

At the end of the day, if HD-DVD gets all the movie support and release a player over here in Denmark (never ever seen a physical player in any shop here), then i'm sold. A Cheap player with no movies I want is no good to me even if its $50. I'd rather buy an "expensive" Blu-Ray Player and know I can get most of the movies I like (the ones I can't get I just buy on DVD for now, and up to now the only HD-DVD only title I want is Transformers).

It just all smells of "Clearance" to me, and i'd be very wary paying even $99 for a HD-DVD player when you can get a good upscaling 720p/1080i DVD player for half the price.

Hey, if your not interested in 1080p, then you wont notice the difference between HD-DVD at 1080i to DVD upscaled to 1080i, right?

Go to a good Video/Hifi Shop and get them to Play a BD movie back at 1080p/24 on a 46" (minimum) HDTV and sound through a HD Receiver and compare it to Toshiba's 1080i Dolby Digital (SD) sound.... if you can't see and HEAR the difference you go ahead and buy the Toshiba, you'll be happy you saved all that money ;)

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