MS Exec. and Ubisoft are candid with PS3's Blu-ray

Xbox strategy group member and outspoken blogger Andre Vrignaud has responded to a recent open dialogue with former Sony Development head and current technical director for Ubisoft, Mark DeLoura, regarding Sony's Blu-ray support with PS3, concluding, to his surprise, that the two are in "violent agreement."

Vrignaud kicked off the debate with two earlier posts on his Ozymandias blog, citing Sony claims that the Blu-ray's increased storage capacity were essential for its inclusion in its next generation hardware. On the contrary, said Vrignaud, it was drive speed that should be the deciding factor, and there, he concluded, the Blu-ray might fall short:

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BURLY5871d ago

propaganda being spewed about Resistance having to take up so much space.

Microsoft Master5871d ago

2x Blu-ray really is slow. Sony are sh*tting their pants left right and centre. Good luck to 'em cos as humans we are not all thick airheads.

THAMMER15871d ago

It is important for us to know the truth.

Tut5871d ago

Paul's post just reinforced the previous "hype" from Resistance in a way, but also brought some great new points of view. There is an obvious and admitted need for more space and if Sony is looking for a long-term console (though highly doubtful they reach a 10-year lifespan that they want) then it will ultimately be a good investment by the look of things.

Besides, I would rather have a longer wait time for a game that looks and performs much better than to just have it thrown at me with a faster load time. (Sounds like the releases of the new consoles, too, right?) We'll see if Sony can impress come November.


Phytonadione5871d ago

Longer load times!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Oh wait, that's right, the PS2 games already have significantly longer load times than the Xbox, and having both consoles, I really don't notice the difference. In fact, loading time means time to get another beer from the fridge. Woohoo!!! More drinking!!!

Captain Tuttle5871d ago

One way to look at it, I guess.

EnforcerOfTheTruth5871d ago the article kiddo, why do you think every PS3 comes with a HDD?

XboxKing5871d ago

WHY??? I know why but I want you to tell me!

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The story is too old to be commented.