Sony PS3 in dramatic sales turn around

James Rivington reports for on 2 November that PS3 is on the charge in markets outside the US, and Xbox 360 may be in danger this Christmas even before the year of new Gran Turismo and WipEout arrives:

"The Sony PS3 could be about to pull off one of the biggest turn-arounds the games market has ever seen. After a slow start, where Sony's console was hampered by its high pricing and lack of quality games, the PlayStation 3 now looks like it's on a roll.

Now that the PS3 and Xbox 360 price-changes and various new models have settled into the market place, sales figures for both consoles are looking dramatically different."

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vgn244863d ago

Even though it is retarded, I approved it. Give the Sony fans something to dream about. BUT, the fact is there's not a major distributor in the US that wants the PS3 around. For the kids, there's a difference between distributor and retailer.

Sony lost a fortune on every console that was sitting in a warehouse when they cut their prices. They had to reimburse distributors who bought the consoles so that the distributors wouldn't lose money selling to retailers.

Sony couldn't afford to reimburse everyone. As such, there's a lot of angry companies right now.

Kudos Sony. Looking good. LOL

ktchong4863d ago

It's just an article. Don't get too personal.

Someone is gonna submit it sooner or later, might as well be me who do it. ;)

Scarfy4863d ago

But a lot of people (analysts, industry people and gamers) predicted that the PS3 would win this round as well, even after the slow and rocky start.

The fact of the matter is that Wii sales have started to slow and the Xbox 360 is not doing that well outside of America. If you don't believe me, check the news.

Sorry, but the truth is that out of all the consoles, the PS3 has the biggest potential and was built to last (even if that did put a hefty price tag on it).

Oh, and you can say "Mass Effect" until you're blue in the face, but the only people who will buy that game are the ones who already have a 360.

vgn244863d ago

I know everyone here reads news. And that's all fine and good. But I'm pretty sure I'm among the minority who actually work in the industry. (And no, all you people who write for gaming sites, run sites, or blogs are not "in the industry").

Because of the company I work for, the hardware companies send me consoles in hopes we'll distribute them. The PS3 does not stand a chance to win. It cracks me up, because when I was a kid (29 now) I really thought the Dreamcast could win. And I looked just as stupid as Sony fanboys do now with my lame arguments.

I don't fault you. You actually bought these consoles. So I understand backing it and not wanting to look foolish. But explain to me why I have 2 free PS3s and haven't touched them in 7 or 8 months? Because they offer nothing of value.

Now please stop looking foolish.

As for the submission. I wasn't giving you a hard time Peg. I actually approved the article, but I think it was approved before mine went through. I'm not trying to stop the fanboys from getting their tidbits to boost them up. But why do this to yourselves?

kewlkat0074863d ago

"Oh, and you can say "Mass Effect" until you're blue in the face, but the only people who will buy that game are the ones who already have a 360."

Gears of War
halo 3
coming soon...

The whole who will win thing, I 'm done speculating, We'll see what happens. I now own all 3 consoles.

tethered4863d ago

@ AcFreeze

So how is that behind-the-counter job going at Gamestop?

lol **work in the industry** lol

Scarfy4863d ago

"Because of the company I work for, the hardware companies send me consoles in hopes we'll distribute them."

Oh, right, so you're a spy then?

Because, damn, that's the only reason you'd be able to justify a comment like that.

Are you privy to all of EA's, Capcom's, Midway's, Square-Enix's, Koei's, Bioware's, Pandemic's (etc), development and support plans then..?

(oh... PS - Dreamcast's failure in the market has NOTHING to do with the competition and EVERYTHING to do with their reputation, which, as many people will recall, wasn't exactly very favorable after the Saturn, 32X and MegaCD).

Blackmoses4863d ago

that and a little known fella named PETER MOORE was the front man for the system......


MikeMichaels4863d ago

Distributing consoles isn't working in the industry you tit. It's embarrassing that at 29 you're trying to impress people on an Internet forum....and doing badly to boot.

vasilisk4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

It's pretty obvious that you don't know what you're talking about...
I'm a retailer from Europe (and if you don't believe me PM me and I'll send you all the details).
The fact is that Sony not only reimbursed all the distributors but also all the retailers that had consoles in stock in Europe...
Another fact is that nobody here in Europe, and I'm talking about retailers and distributors, don't want the X360 for one simple reason. Selling the PS3 leaves 12% profit for both the 40gb and the 60gb model, instead of 6.5% for the x360. That means that to make money as a retailer I would have to 2 elites to make the same money I'm making selling one 40gb model. So, no retailer in Europe favors the X360 instead of Sony and they advertise the ps3 instead.
That's why x360 in Europe doesn't stand a chanse...

Armyless4863d ago

"Because of the company I work for, the hardware companies send me consoles in hopes we'll distribute them. "


Hardware companies send you consoles hoping you'll distribute them?


The Wood4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

mr: 'When MS emails you saying, "No one can know that yet"' get ms out of your arse. If theres nothing on the ps3 just sell it and stop acting like a twat.

mr i work in the industry so i know best. so did peter moore you m*ppet


nothing worse than people who like to give it the biggen but hate taking it back. LOL @ being ignored by ya for calling you out. LOL

MADGameR4863d ago

Just what I'd expect by this 360 fanboy. When its good news for PS3, 360 fans are like ''Thats bs this thats bs that'' But when its bad news you approve of it. Why can't you just accept this for once?? The tables will turn and Peter Moore will be leading the 360 yet to another failure! Just like Sega!

micbelt4863d ago

AC, you keep calling other fanboys, but you sound more like a fanboy than anyone. I have all three systems and have enjoyed all three of them and you seem to have a lot of animosity toward the ps3. I am curious as to what you do 'in the industry' that gives you some high all power to know what the future holds for the industry. Your avatar clearly shows where your intentions lie. I don't know why everything has to be about winning a war and I love how nintendo fans are all high and mighty now that CASUAL gamers are buying the Wii like crazy. Remember, Nintendo looked like it was on the brink for a while, but most people forget about how far they had fallen off after the n64. As to the ps3 not supplying a value, that is blatant fanboyism. I get a lot of enjoyment out of mine, just like my wii and 360. Right now I am loving Ratchet and Clank on it.

Ri0tSquad4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

Microsoft must have you on a tight chain or your not a gamer. The ps3 has great games but yeah approve this so you can put a spin to it and try to start a flame war. Loserrrrrr all you do is troll get a life.....

If and when PS3 sales turn around and pull ahead I see all you xbots who said "ps3 is dreamcast" making new accounts and posing as neutral to this console war....scrubs

Bleucrunch4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

Here here mike, Go freeze your nuts off Ace. LOL 29 years old and still writing novels on a forum what a shame!

macalatus4863d ago


Ah...another hardcore (and bitter) Sega fanboy continuing "to finish the fight" against Sony. So you work for the industry, eh? Now that you've mentioned it, please say what industry you work for? And please, don't give me that confidentiality crap because you decided to use something 'confidential' as reinforcement to your arrogant argument. You want us to believe your "holier than thou" f-ing arrogance then you better prove your so-called "industry" claims. No, not PM, but PUBLICLY in this news thread.

Until then, you're just another hopeless, bitter, lyin' Sega fanboy.

mark094863d ago

"The PS3 does not stand a chance to win. It cracks me up, because when I was a kid (29 now) I really thought the Dreamcast could win."

And now you obviously think the xbox360 will win... think about it, youll be wrong again.

SlappyMcTaint4863d ago

If you have 2 PS3's sitting around and "are of no value to you", then you're a freakin' retard!! Send one to me -PM me and I"ll give you my address, and will put one of those PS3's to great use! It's sad you can't see how many things the PS3 has to offer, it really is.

I'm 100% serious

joevfx4863d ago

its talking about OUTSIDE THE U.S. why are u brign up no retailers wanting it in the US. dotn forget that europe is sonys main market. it was like that for the PS2 and it will be like that for the PS3.

EDMIX4863d ago

The fact of the matter is the PS3 is outselling the 360 in the UK and Japan, thats not good. MS will lose if sony wins both of thoses, there markets are too big to be ignored. The worst part about this is the PS3 does not even have any big titles for it, what will happen when it does? Next year not only will sony wipe the floor with MS they will crush them. This is not good for MS. The more you 360fanboys talk about and list all your games, the more your showing PS3 owners what they don't have, yet still beat you. If this is MS best, they will lose. You know Mass Effect will be on PS3 and PC next year, do you really think EA won't pimp that game out.

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Iron and the Maiden (Published by Sony)
-Afrika (Confirmed)
-Heavy Rain (confirmed by sony threespeech)
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-EyeDentify ( Published by Sony)
-Fifth Phantom Saga (Confirmation)
-Final Fantasy XIII (Confirmed)
-Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Confirmed)
-God of War 3
-Gradius (Confirmation)
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MANTIIS4862d ago

First off, @ scarfy- you work in the game's industry? Where? At Gamestop making $9.00 per hour? Your ignorance astounds me as you trash talk about the "demise" of the PS3, even though the numbers indicate that its trouncing the 360 in Europe and Japan. Man, I don't know what I'd physically do to a chump, if I heard them blatantly, blindly, and foolishly talking such drivel....

But that's most of you...

Face it suckers, PS3 has a new face in the market place. Capeche? Whether you like it or not, this time next year-we won't be talking about how much work PS3 has to do to play catch up, because that will be the theme for the 360.

PS3 Fanboys may be as guilty as X-Bots when it comes to defending their console, but one thing is certain, their is more merit to what the PS3 Fanboys say ("08 line up, new price point, etc...)than the stubborn, unswaggering denial of the truth by Xbots- even when sales numbers say otherwise!!!

Love me or hate me, I don't give a $hyte-but almost everything I've predicted on this site concerning the console wars has more less come to fruition, needless to say. I have a good record (read my comments if you like), but as I've been each quarter passes, Halo 3 becomes more and more vague, the buzz is gone, the damage is done-fineto! Now, PS3 and 360 can fight it out with similar price structures on the same plateau, and it is on this plateau that 360 will become third place below a system of superior hardware design, functionality, and dynamically increasing market interest and AAA game's venue- PS3. Here that knock on the door?'s 200 million PS2 owners ready to upgrade to an affordable 40GB PS3. The rest of you...shut up!

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Hooded Vendetta4863d ago

These are getting silly, You do post good stuff but sale posts are stupid. Should be some rule against posting them, only official or yearly ones.

Play B3yond4863d ago

Sales posts are probably the most interesting...they keep you up 2 date on how well the consoles are doing...dunno Wtf ur talkin about

Sevir044863d ago

while i'll not try to be apart of this i'll say that.

the PS3 has seen a signifiacnt turn around in sales and it's now doing good. and will have a sure and solid sell through this christmas with high anticipated games like HS, rock band warhawk, Folklore , Ratchet,

big name Multiplats like COD4, GH3 and Assassins creed and big name exlusives like uncharted and ubisofts haze, and maybe even UT3. but what makes this so much more inbteresting is the fact that it software is looking so much better now. and should continue with a solid sell through as more quality games drop through out novemeber and December, January all the way through June of next year with releases of games like KILLZONE 2, LBP, GTA4, MGS4 and MGS0 in addition to games like LP and DMC4 and dark sector, turok, and GT5. it should sell quite well.

but i dont think the 360 is in doom or danger either at least not this year christmas, halo is guaranteed to sell greatly in next few weeks and it's games will certainly prove to be good enough, and they have affordable price points for all who wants one. so with that been said both consoles will be selling sweetly in the holiday season. though i know the PS3 will be looked at the most by everyone, as it's expected to sell well in japan with it's price cut on novemeber 11th and the has some strong games releasing this year for that region and the holiday season for europe and uk will be great, it's just NA that sony has alittle more work to do.

unlimited4863d ago

we will see..there more people waiting for the PS3..the price was a big issue for a lot of people i see sony takin this christmas. since they release the 40gb ps3 today for 399..its going to look good for parents and people who want one.

kamisama4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

I really cant see why people just cant enjoy there gaming console instead of finding ways to bash the competition. its really silly if you ask me i really cant remember fanboys being this bad during nintendo atari and sega days this is a damn shame to what level some people will surcome to just to bash another system!

THC CELL4863d ago

all ps3 fans would tell u

I told u so.......