Rumor: Gamestop Confirms BF3 Is Currently Outselling MW3

EA is seriously gunning for the top spot over Activison, this is a very good sign but will it last? check out more details in the video below

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Kamikaze1353374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )


Edit: I enjoyed watching the video :)

Shackdaddy8363374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

It must have been an emergency. I mean, he had to even turn the fan down. Lol.

Shackdaddy8363374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

P.S. I'm waiting for the second reason ._.

"One....I don't want that interuptn'..wat I'm about ta sai! Aight?"

Aight hibbidyhop... :)

lil Titan3374d ago

Have the gaming community finally come to realization that Battle Field 3 is the better game to buy this fall? Stay tuned for the conclusion THIS FALL!

Mr_Lu_Kim3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

I thought WTF then I realized it was the HHG show.

It can't be real then HHG never posts anything real first. Or real at all for that matter lol.

HHG = Fail

Gamestop sales = F*** all and are not a representative of total sales world wide on all platforms form all sources.

Peppino73374d ago

Wow that title was unexpected for me. However it doesn't say its winning among all stores, but that's great news if its true. That means they'll both sell ridiculous amounts of copies.

Pixel_Pusher3374d ago

where's the source to back up his claim? Oh there is none.

Kurt Russell3374d ago

If I ever end up on TV or something, I'm also going to wear a shit baseball cap and a wife beater... who needs any class.

StanLee3374d ago

Can't believe I watched the whole video hoping he had a credible source. Seriously, WTF man!?!

DaCandyman3373d ago

To me it makes sense. To quite a many PC gamers (me included) COD has been just a substitute until the next Battlefield arrives. When battlfield 2 was popular COD couldn't hold BF jock, but in BF's absence of nearly 4 years COD is primed to slip back to 2ND. AND not only that but the apparent exclusive treatment that the XBox360 side is getting Activision could loose part of the PS3 audience to both Pc and PS3 versions of BF3.

MAJ0R3373d ago

so I'm guess it's just another "LOL LOOK AT THIS ALL CAPS" title from hiphopgamer, why am I not surprised?

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firemassacre3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )


SilentNegotiator3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

This is what we call a pipe dream, kids. Even if the current pre-orders are higher for BF3 now, MW3's pre-orders will be above them in the first week they start showing TV spots. And the biggest seller will be Call of Duty.

We wish BF3 would outsell COD. But let's not delude ourselves. COD is still going to be the better seller.

Blaze9293374d ago

man I clicked open in new background tab and out of no where I hear 50 Cent. As I flip through each tab I had open like a mad man trying to find the source, I knew instantly as I wound down to tabs that it had to be a HHG link...

fatalred alarm3374d ago

Sad thing is, many of those pre-orders are probably from the core gamers.

Many people i know will just pick it up whenever they see it in the store.

Deputydon3373d ago

HHG can't afford central air?

Not surprising.

JokesOnYou3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

lol, I hope BF3 sells a ton, got nothing against the game myself, bottom line is I like COD franchise more, Im just sick and tired of the n4g elitest attitude of every other fanboy thinking they know whats best for gamers, quite frankly the longer I read comments on this site the more I believe you guys know less about gaming than your everyday avg joe gamer. At least they spend less time cheering for a brand than actually playing games they like. lol, as for sales, Im sure MW3 will do OK /s, Ill be picking it up day one along with a *few other folks. I hope when you all finally see the *low MW3 sales figures you will remember this news and cry. lol

CyberCam3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

@JOY... on the flip side, I have nothing against COD! I'm no fool & know that MW3 will crush BF3 in sales and I'm hoping the COD fans stick with their franchise! Both games play very different and the last thing I want to have is a team fully of COD players, playing as individuals & putting stats before team objectives (basically throwing tactical gameplay out the window).

So again I say I hope MW3 sells through the roof to keep the gamers with short attention spans occupied, so us gamers with patience can enjoy our game as well.

I sincerely hope you enjoy MW3, Cheers!

JokesOnYou3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

yep I agree Cybercam, I tend to enjoy COD style of fast pace action more than tactical team based gameplay of BF games, but by no means is that due to a "short attention span", its just a simple preference between 2 very similiar shooters. lol, I doubt those who prefer BF3 are anymore "patient" than gamers who prefer COD, but of course I think some people always have to find a rationalization for why a game they really like just doesn't appeal to the gaming community in the same way as a more popular franchise. The truth is when it comes to shooter sometimes tactical gameplay is a great thing, sometimes running and gunning and killing everything in sight is a great thing, a mix of both is probably ideal, but every game is different and ultimately whichever direction the dev chooses to represent the "feel of his game the end result is "How much fun is it?", thats very subjective but people vote with their wallets and from that perspective it seems more people simply like what COD offers over the competition. "gasp, OMG whats wrong with them?"

Now when a competitor actually brings something to the table that MORE people want to play as oppose to COD then more power to them, until then talk is cheap BF3 ultimately has to draw more gamers in based on whats on the disc not based on what people on n4g say is better and no amount of hate, downplaying, or silly labels for those who prefer COD is going to change that, again what will change that is when a competitor *consistently offers something more compelling that MORE gamers want instead of COD.

CyberCam3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

I agree with most of what you said, however you have to admit that an overwhelming majority of COD players are impatient. I've tried to get players to slow down, think a bit & try to use a bit a teamwork. No dice (no pun intended), for the most part they want nothing to do with that, they're happy just running around aimlessly shooting everything is sight, while getting flanked from behind. If your team is smart they can control the opposing team's spawn point & keep your enemy in front of you!

Also, you must admit that COD is probably the easiest FPS game to play, hence is one of the key reasons it's so popular. So many people that weren't traditional gamers, start off & stick with COD because of the high success rate the majority of people get. Most of the time if you have an above average connection or you are host, you'll do very well.

On the flip side I've tried the same thing with the BF games and the majority do listen to reason and will attempt to play their roll on the team. It seems to invoke a sense of accomplishment when everyone works together for the TEAM win, not just one or two individuals with a barrage of killstreaks.

This is what I was referring to when I was speaking about patience. It was no personal stab at you.


JokesOnYou3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

OK I see what youre saying, for the most part I agree. Now just to add to WHY I prefer COD, Im pretty busy, I have a great job, I usually play pick-up basketball at the local gym 2-3 times a week, Im very competitive by nature, but I work alot, so gaming has always been my stress relief. I love all types of games, like to play with friends, Gears with teamwork is amazing especially the Horde mode, a good multiplayer shooter is perfect after a hard days work, those days I dont want to be "organized", I just want to get into a really competitive game and take on the world all by myself, no waiting for friends, no role to play, no strategy, just "free for all", just hunt him down and show him Im the better man, sure COD is the easier of the 2 to just "play" but I disagree if youre implying it does NOT take a helluva lot of practice and talent to compete at a high level. Yes COD strength is accessability to the masses but in my eyes thats not a bad thing, either way thanks for the sensible response and enjoy BF3.

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Mr Patriot3373d ago

fuck all the hiphopgamer haters, he has accomplished wat u never will, I might not always agree with this dude but he does his job with great passion and i salute him ,,, btw i aint black

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Hitman07693374d ago

This is great and BF3 deserves this to be honest. I hope that it sticks this way and MW3 doesn't take over.

Criminal3374d ago

I hope that the better game will eventually outsell the other, but in reality it's never the case.

agentxk3374d ago

I think a lot of gamers are disinterested in MW3 since so many bought Black Ops and MW2 and more or less felt like they purchased $60 DLC

NiKK_4193374d ago

yeah and it was worse than MW2 anyway (besides a few fixes with MP) plus all the extra DLC that virtually everyone buys coming out to over $109 for a downgrade with a bunch of sh***y maps (IMO, all BO DLC was trash, worse than the stock maps, unlike MW2 which actually made me WANT to buy the DLC)

Kreyg3374d ago

Well, we'll see what happens later this year after launch. The pre-order incentive for BF3 might have a hand in the numbers as they stand right now.

vgcgames3374d ago

it's to be expected. Battlefield is amazing

Warprincess1163374d ago

Oh god it hiphopgamer. I don't believe anything he says.

Shackdaddy8363374d ago

That's because you're a known CoD fangirl on N4G...

Boody-Bandit3374d ago

Why bother posting under and HHG article then?
Makes sense. /s

ColinZeal3374d ago

What Warprincess116 said. Does he actually bring up a source as to WHERE Gamestop confirms this? At their website? Where?

And no, i´m not gonna check the video.