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Eurogamer writes: "There aren't very many games that we'd describe as arriving "laden with expectation", but Hellgate certainly fits the profile. Hellgate really does what it sets out to do extremely well. The game picks up the action-RPG play of Diablo and its ilk and converts it superbly into a more modern experience - losing none of the charm or depth of the original titles along the way, and applying a modern coat of paint and some 3D polish with a deft hand."

"What we're looking at is a game which takes the Diablo formula and updates it with everything that's happened since Diablo - gorgeous graphics, superb online play, and countless minor advances in storytelling, user interface and the likes. Besides which, there's that premise. London burns in demonic flames, and only the combined technology and magic of the legendary Knights Templar can reclaim the city, striking from bases in Tube stations into the very depths of Hell itself. It's a geek-fantasy concept so cool that it can't walk down the street without being mistaken for Steve McQueen."

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Keowrath4874d ago

My girlfriend and I both got into the Beta and enjoyed the game VERY much (aside from it's obvious problems) Not sure I'd agree with all of Eurogamers gripes though. The random levels never really bothered either of us too much and it is nice to wander into Covent Garden and see that the market is nearly identical to how it is in real life.

The inventory "mini game" never really seemed to cause an issue to us either. You get the choice of selling loot or breaking it down to base materials in which to create other equipment. The base materials are very small and stack well into their hundreds so it was nothing more than a simple right click on an item we didn't want before we had to move on.

The bugs in the game however do cause issues, especially my favourite which was the "get stuck for no apparant reason" issue. I found my blademaster could sometimes get out of it with his charge special skill IF there were monsters nearby. Failing that you had to log off and on again. Also the slowdown that get's increasingly worse is a major issue. The game becomes unplayable at these times but as was said, a restart fixes this. There's obviously a MAJOR memory leak somewhere.

The Graphics aren't the most amazing in the world especially with games like Crysis on the horizon but the art direction is what sold the game for me and although the graphics aren't stunning they are more than adequate

All in all thou Hellgate London is extremely good fun and very much like Diablo in 3D. If they can fix the problems I mentioned the game will be worth it for any action/RPG fan.