A Gamer's Perspective: The Problem With Killzone

Join PixelJumpers as we take a look back at the Killzone Series and exam one of the critical problems that has held it back from true greatness.

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firemassacre3635d ago

The article goes well into detail,killzone has its problems, although i believe the killzone series is still one of the best fps games out there. check out these graphics...(in my personal opinion) unmatched on a console. :)

NovaXz3635d ago

I do agree with regards to visuals, although I definitely see where the writer is coming from. The world of Killzone is far more interesting than your standard shooter but Guerilla never really takes advantage of it.

TheKindRoost3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Here lies the problem with many devs today. They create this rich universe but never take any advantage of it. Expanding them in more than just an fps is a logical way to explore the games universe.

a_squirrel3635d ago

I like Killzone... The first one the most actually...

Ducky3635d ago


Yea, I'm seeing this with a lot of recent FPS games.
Homefront and Brink are two other cases where I also felt the devs failed to take full advantage of the setting.

Then again, story-telling in FPS games is a difficult thing to execute, and only a few games seem to do it well. Which is rather unfortunate.

raztad3635d ago

KZ will reach its true potential when the helghast become the real good guys and their story be told from a different viewpoint than vulgar nazis wannabe.

Stop with the dude bro, stereotypical "good guys" (aka marines) stories GG. Nobody cares about Sev and Rico.

BattleAxe3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

I've just decided to trade in KZ 2+3, mainly because I didn't like either campaign enough to replay them again, and I was just totally disappointed with the small amount of content that both games released with, and the problems with the maps not rotating properly kinda sucks. IMO Resistance is the best exclusive FPS game on PS3. GG always delivers with great graphics, but their games always seem to be missing the mark.

kneon3635d ago


I had been hoping that was where KZ3 was headed. I had wanted Sev to realize the true nature of this war and try to stop it rather than win it. That of course would have created a huge conflict with Rico.

KZ2 was a much better game than KZ3. Hopefully for KZ4 they stop trying to make it like COD and do their own thing again.

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dragonyght3635d ago

good read, make sense cmon GG give us a helghast game

ASTAROTH3635d ago

Now that you mention it. . . the problem that the Killzone series always had was the media and the fans of other consoles and even PS fans never let it being a game on their own... They always compared it to Halo and the media wanted it just to be another Halo. Fortunately it is not. The first game was great if you forgot about Halo or whatever FPS. The second Killzone is an amazing achievement and Killzone 3 was the "culmination" of Guerillas efforts. An even better graphical achievement than KZ2 and that is not an easy feat.

KZ 3 suffered fron the CODtization of the genre and thats thanks to the ones who complained so much about the fell of KZ2. I think GG could have make an even better game and story if they have ignored the haters.

Same hapenned with Resistance. People complained about the bland an colorless graphics of the first and Imsomniac listened. They made R2 more colorfull and bigger in scope and guess what?? The poeple still complained about the now colorfull and cartony graphics. I as an artist always stay in what I believe not in what a bunch of people tell me. Thats my 2 cents... PEACE

dinkeldinkse3635d ago

But CODtization works just as well. I definitely agree about GG needed to ignore KZ2 haters while making KZ3. I won't go into my problems with KZ3 again, but let just say I would prefer this version of KZ3 to not exist.

thugbob3635d ago

Most KZ fans agree that KZ2 is a better game than KZ3 while still saying that KZ3 is a solid game. I personally think KZ3 is trash, but I'm still looking forward to KZ4.

dinkeldinkse3635d ago

thugbob, did you read my mind?

ASTAROTH3635d ago

Well to say KZ3 is trash is also an exagerated thing.

Every KZ2 fan felt that KZ3 is more akin to Call of Duty because it has a more lightier feel. Make no mistake here... KZ3 is nothing like COD. . . even if its lightier than KZ2 it still heavier than any COD. Also you need teamwork. I believe that KZ2 elitist felt betrayed and all but thats the way they get more people from playing it. Its ok and IMO, and I know I will get a ton of disagrees, KZ3 is the best of the 3. Yes I like it better than KZ2 Its more accesible and less frustrating in the MP.

Also KZ3 has the best graphics of any FPS available rigth now on any console. Yes better than Crysis 2 and I have played a lot of C2. The caharcters in KZ are more interesting and overall the game is still the best FPS so far this year... like it or not.

As I said in a thread about Uncharted 3 beta and how Uncharted 2 "fans" are already complaining all I have to say is ... haters gona hate.

Ohh buddy I respect your opinion but KZ3 is far from being trash...

thugbob3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

KZ3 being lighter isn't the only thing makes it feel like CoD. Recoil is now low and Health is now low which means fast kills/quick deaths which means first sight first kill. People will take advantage of this by sitting in a corner of a room taking advantage the probability that an enemy entering the room is high and that they will see the enemy first. This is known as camping which was almost nonexistent in KZ2. And I don't even want to go into detail about how much the classes are unbalanced in KZ3 and how bad the tactical spawn point system is. Who cares if KZ3 is the best shooter this year all of them including KZ3 were disappointments after disappointments. Hopefully Battlefield 3 isn't one of them. Anyway I'm already looking past KZ3 to KZ4 and I hope GG doesn't try to make their game for other fans this time around.

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keith-ps33635d ago

i rent this for like two weeks i play it with my cuzin coop it was just ok nothing great online was fun but i would have been mad playing 60 for it i will get it when its under 20 u can buy part 2 for like 8 bucks at gamestop lol

synchroscheme3635d ago

Very interesting article. Loved the argument on how "modern shooter games dehumanize members of other ethnicities and nationalities by portraying them as the main antagonists, with little motivation behind their actions other than “they’re the terrorists” or “they’re the Russians”."

I feel the connection was unintentional on GG's part, but it's great food for thought in my opinion.

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