Ten examples of what not to wear, even in a video game

Games Radar describes: "We gamers have standards when it comes to fashion. It's not like we expect Cloud Strife to be modeling Christian Dior, or Mario to be sporting the latest threads from Burberry, but we do expect that Link wears green, Peach wears pink and you never see Master Chief's face."

"Sometimes, we relax a little and let a few things slide (come on, Heavenly Sword heroine Nariko was hot in that fake kimono; so what if she prefers double-sided tape to an actual bra?), but then there are the freakish fashion disasters that just can't be forgiven. Here, we take a look at ten eyesores that would make even Bjork cry."

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ddldave4867d ago

I don't see anything wrong with that chick. Just lose the leather straps around her legs and it'll be fine.

happyjimmy4867d ago

She is hot and they should wear it if they like.

fury4867d ago

no comment on his outfit. it speaks for itself

uuaschbaer4867d ago

Someone needs to be a bit more openminded about the look of videogame characters.

okcomputer4867d ago

Final fantasy series has some pretty horrible wardrobe for the characters, especially ffxiii, but I actually liked lulu's. It was creative, and wasn't over the top slutty like some (fran) but still hot.

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