IGN - Sniper: Ghost Warrior PS3 Review

Released last year for PC and Xbox 360, Sniper: Ghost Warrior was a game with more problems than good ideas. A few months later, developer City Interactive announced a sort of director's cut of Sniper for the PlayStation 3. Promising improved graphics, refinements to existing levels and all-new content, Sniper: Ghost Warrior PS3 is here almost exactly one year after its 360 and PC counterparts. But it's brought new problems with it without fixing what made Sniper less than the sum of its parts last time around.

Blaze9294706d ago

well that sucks. hate to see any game get such a low score like this. I played it on the 360 and it wasn't THAT bad. I beat it at least so good job on being good enough to beat.

Didn't it do like 1 million alone in the UK and broke some other records? I don't think City Interactive is worried too much about scores and just another case of fans over critics.

Haseo1064706d ago

Oh lord. I actually hope that they improve the PS3 version. Now, after reading this review, I guess I have to put this game on my "DO NOT BUY" list.

Mr Tretton4706d ago

Huh, isn't this lower than the 360 score? (which wasn't great) I thought this version was supposed to be improved?

I played a lil of it on 360, thought it had great potential. Stealth and sniping is a good mix. Hopefully the next one will be better.


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iofhua2341d ago

Advent Rising is another good example. It got panned by critics but it has a good story and I enjoyed playing it. The graphics are dated, the enemies all look the same, but it was made in 2005 so what do you expect? I wish they made the sequel so I could finish the story but I think the critics killed it off.

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Aaroncls72341d ago

I don't trust critics.
I'd value more the feedback from a random user.

nommers2340d ago

I seldom trust gamers or critics anymore. A lot of times high scores just mean how likely you are to enjoy something from the game, but rarely anything about how much you would enjoy said things, or whether the highly preferred type of qualities in a game you’re looking for are even in it. My initial gut feeling of the premise of a game is usually all I need.

quent2341d ago

Silent Hill: downpour another example

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stanr2689d ago

Not all bad games are actually bad, some of them deserve a second look.

Nibbs2688d ago

Shut your mouth.

No Mans Sky first trailer looked like this epic world of exploration and conflict.

Reality was - barren waste lands with creatures looking straight out of Gary's Mod.

No Mans Sky also promised the ability to play with friends which all was said during talk show interviews.

Reality Was - Absolutely zero multiplayer found inside the game, there were even sketchy moments of discoveries disappearing if you happened to travel far enough into the center of the universe.

The developers also promised a really cool ending to the game once you reached the center of the universe.

Reality Was - ...just YouTube the ending and realize how much of a shit show this game is.

They EVEN came back with some base making update.

Reality Was - They first sold you on a game of massive nearly endless space exploration, though they came back out with an expansion pack based on base-making which promotes squatting on a damn planet and doing very little.