Australian 360 Magazine gives Mass Effect 10 out of 10

On the mass effect community forum, they are saying that an Australian 360 Magazine Gives Mass Effect 10/10.

To add some weight behind this rumor GameSpot, IGN, and TeamXbox forums are all reporting the same score and information.

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krackchap4874d ago

Official Xbox Mag gives it a 10
wow count me surprised

ktchong4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

I've heard rumors that GamePro also gives it a 10/10 and GOTM (beating Uncharted.) Still waiting for confirmation for that one as well.

predator4874d ago

round peg. where are you getin this info from mate

predator4874d ago

no the rumor about gamepro? is that also in forums?

ktchong4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

GamePro: Mass Effect = GOTM

http://masseffect.bioware.c... (second post)

Plus a few other places... can't recall them right now.

predator4874d ago

no i wasnt gona try just asking where u found it, 10/10 seems right for this game.

sonarus4874d ago

fanboyism aside i dnt find it fsrfetchd at all that this game will be better than uncharted or at least get better reviews. It is quite a revolutionary game and will be my only 360 purchase for the rest of d yr. no other msoft exclusive interests me not alan wake and DEFINETLY not too human. maybe farcry though

SOLDADO2064873d ago

chalk another AAA 4 the tre-60...sorry sony only guys.

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predator4874d ago

if 4 forums are reporting this there has to be some weight behind this rumor

RadientFlux4874d ago

It's from Bioware, did anyone except anything less?

Zhuk4874d ago

Only Xbox 360 allows developers to create an incredible next generation experience like Mass Effect which is a great contestant for GOTY, while PS3 owners get garbage like Lair it makes me feel kind of sorry for them how they have no good games to play

LeonSKennedy4Life4874d ago

Uncharted, R&C, UTIII, Haze...

Should I keep going?

COD4, GHIII, Rock Band, Kayne and Lynch, Army of Two...

Um...are you getting my point yet?

predator4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

3 of what u sed then leon are exclusives, and wasnt there a article bout haze having problems, u should of chosen better games than u just did

Liquid Ocelot4874d ago

I see you've been reading the 360 Bible again Zhuk you poor boy don't you have something else to read? and i guess you haven't seen PS3 games like Uncharted, Killzone 2, ratchet and clank theses games are incredible.
Anyway back on topic this game looks great if it turns out to be a great game I'll pick it up when i get my 360 next year.

Ignorant Fanboy4873d ago

are any of those games even out?

I know a couple are but that list is mainly games that arent even out.

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Vojkan4874d ago

"360 Magazine gives Mass Effect 10 out of 10"-now that is "legit" roll eyes

_insane_cobra4874d ago

Game Informer gave it 9.75.

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