FrontTowardsGamers: Uncharted 3 Beta Impressions: Better than Call of Duty?

Naughty Dog just released the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta, and I am beginning to think that this may very well be a serious competitor to the online behemoth that is Call of Duty. Why? Read on to find out.

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jidery3644d ago

Comparing a TPS to an FPS...

LOGICWINS3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I disagree entirely with the notion that an unfinished TPS should be compared to an unfinished FPS.

But since we're on the topic of the Uncharted 3 beta, I have to say that I'm extremely dissapointed with what I've played so far.

ND took a step sideways instead of forwards:

-The massive increase in the health of characters from Uncharted 2 to the Uncharted 3 beta ENCOURAGES more people to use noobtubes. This says a lot considering that Uncharted 2 was a game that ALREADY over-relied on getting power guns such as the grenade launcher and magnum.

-ND made this Uncharted MP more team based than the last one. The problem here is that it FORCES people to work as a team instead of making good team work a bonus reward. Games that force players to work as a team don't work because you can never guarantee that everyone on your team will be a "teamplayer"

-I UNDERSTAND that this is a beta, but at some point, common sense has to play a factor here. How could ND think it would be okay to allow a player to melee another player when he's AT LEAST 7ft away from he person he's meleeing?

@Warprincess- For once, I actually agree with you. Aside from the problems I have stated, theres just something that doesn't "feel right" about the game.

3644d ago
soundslike3644d ago




..oh wait, Uncharted 2 still exists and is playable.

tl;dr: QQ more

LOGICWINS3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

^^But thats the thing..I didn't like Uncharted 2 MP(in its final form). I was hoping that ND would create an Uncharted game that I could enjoy as far as competitive MP is concerned.

@Apophis- I agree. We shouldn't have to tell ND post-beta that being melee'd from 7-10ft away is a problem. That should be common knowledge.

HeavenlySnipes3644d ago

When people play long enough to find they are always getting ambushed because they are all alone, they will stick with their team.

I didn't see any noobtubes wtf? Maybe its an attachment for higher levels, if anything we can tell ND to lower their blast radius and damage.

You can only do that sliding melee if the guy you are doing it to is about to die. You are going to die anyway so complaining that the guy killed you the way he did doesn't make sense. (Just leave a friendly grenade beside you before he gets to you ;)

malamdra3644d ago

maybe I'm too used to COD and Killzone but find TPS too slow for MP

I find my self thinking way ahead of what can actually be done with the character

XabiDaChosenOne3644d ago

@LOGICWINS That is probably the most retarded collection of complaints I have read all day.
- No matter if its one or seven shoots to kill people are always going to noobtube, a good example of this is Cod
-What? So your saying a game forcing team work is a negative? Like BF?
-You most likely encountered a glitch.

LOGICWINS3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

"No matter if its one or seven shoots to kill people are always going to noobtube, a good example of this is Cod"

I'm talking about ONE-SHOT kills(Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher).

"What? So your saying a game forcing team work is a negative? Like BF?"

In a way, yes. I enjoy teamwork when I can guarantee that everyone on my squad knows what their doing. There are many people in BC2 who care more about their KDR than the objective..which is why in the average BC2 Rush match, half the people in a team are snipers that rarely help you actually achieve the objective.

"You most likely encountered a glitch."

Nope, its happened to me several times. Check the PS/ND forums..its happening to MANY people.

Dart893644d ago

Go complain to them on the forums it won't help if you complain here.

WhiteLightning3644d ago

I wouldn't try and point out Uncharted 3's flaws on here Logicwins, people don't want to hear it.......some people even tend to get a crazy idea that your "attacking" and "hating" the game

But yeah great points, very well said

afterMoth3644d ago

Might as well title it Uncharted 3 better than herpes.

LOGICWINS3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

@Dart- I don't see much of a point in complaining on the forums considering my mind is pretty much made up that I'm gunna rent the game to play the SP.

"honestly the hate on the UC3 beta is just pure whining. im starting to think these useless whining are from people getting payed by rival ND companies"

So anyone that proposes a negative opinion on something you personally enjoy is hating/whining?

You should be more open minded.

killerhog3644d ago

1. regardless if a game has 1 health bar or a billion people will always use the stronger weapon along with the rocket launchers and grenade launchers

2. your second reason is debatable. putting teamwork as a bonus doesnt guarantee people will work together as well. killzone 2 forced teamwork and people did just that, now killzone 3 didnt force teamwork and you got campers, lonewolves etc.. samething with MAG it forces teamwork and if you do not cooperate youre team will lose.

honestly the hate on the UC3 beta is just pure whining. im starting to think these useless whining are from people getting payed by rival ND companies

deadpoole3644d ago

whinging and whining is what the creature Logicwins is ... u were not happy with the last one, u won't be with this one, no matter what naught dog does with this game ... some ppl r very tough to be satisfied, cuz nothing is upto their standard ... so there are plenty other fishes in the sea ... go get 'em tiger.

Laika3643d ago

I disagree. I love what they are doing with the mp. This sounds like kz3 all over again. People complaining left and right. At least they are trying new things. That's how innovation happens. I would be more disappointed if they did not add any new features and just copied the old mp.

deadpoole3643d ago

well said laika ... that sums it all ... same=stale ... bit of new stuff=keeps ball rolling ... :)

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Warprincess1163644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

lol i know. It silly to compare them. I personally have more fun with COD. Uncharted competitive mutiplayer just doesn't feel right. They should of just stuck with focusing on Co-op.

killerhog3644d ago

not a surprising comment from a troll. ok have fun with bad hit detection, laggy servers, inconsistent damage, cheaters, rapid fire users, exploits. also judging by your profile i doubt you are playing the 360 iterations of cod which only run slightly better than the ps3. this is why i hate fanboys regardless of their console choice

Joni-Ice3644d ago

At Logic....I like the gameplay of the beta alone better than COD entirely.

Roymunson3644d ago

I wouldn't go round saying you like UC3 or you will get phantom disagrees , what a disgrace , some people ere have only said "they think its fun" and they get carpet bombed with disagrees .

LOGICWINS3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I'm glad your enjoying it Joni, I personally feel that its over relient on noobtubes. Btw, I don't like COD very much either. ND would have been better off scrapping the competitive MP entirely and creating a fully fleshed out CO-OP side story objective mode/co-op survival mode.

Judging from the beta, I predict that Uncharted 3 won't match the commercial success of Uncharted 2. I remember having much more fun with the Uncharted 2 beta(when the player health was PERFECT IMO).

Pixel_Pusher3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I think he's comparing more the enjoyment factor and yes UC3 is better than BlOps/COD in that regard. COD is a stressed fill frustrating experience thanks to all the lag and that wonderful peer2peer network they use.

I love UC3's gameplay it's very addicting and extremely fun.

You have comments like Logic's that seem plausible but once you get into a game and experience it for yourself all of these criticisms fall short. GIve it a bit more time and learn the new mechanics, the weapons, the weapon mods I think you'll agree the gameplay is solid.

here's a game that I played yesterday and I had a blast. you literally cannot ask anything more from game. UC3 has the right formula IMO.

LOGICWINS3644d ago

"I think he's comparing more the enjoyment and yes UC3 is better than BlOps/COD in that regard."

But thats your opinion. Can you guarantee that every person who plays the UC3 beta will beleive that its more enjoyable than Black Ops? Cause thats what your implying.

Pixel_Pusher3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Yes I think the majority of gamers who play both UC3 and Blops will side with me on this issue. The gameplay in UC3 is more rewarding and enjoyable than any COD game...well except for maybe COD 4 I would say they're on par with each other.

And if you'd watch the video that I posted above you would be able to see this for yourself.

@Factual evidence

You have to play more than one match brah! Come on!

I would say that the better part of most of these complaints come from people like Factual evidence, who only play one or two rounds and then call it quits.


FACTUAL evidence3644d ago

I am sort of disappointed with UC3. I completed one mat (7-2 K/D) and I just did not like the feel. The weight they added was unattractive. The sniper is ruined, the pistole sucks...I was melee close to an opponent with the pistole shot at him twice, he still manage to dodge, and killed me with a desert eagle.

In Uc2 that would of not happened. I just don't like the new feel to UC3. I hate to say but I'm really ot a fan and I'm skipping the purchase. Only upcoming exclusive this year would be R3 for me.

jdfoster003644d ago

ahahahahah you're saying all of this off the beta? Come on, now that's retarded...IMO this is really good and bringing the cinematic experience to mp is amazing! I like everything! Remember what a beta is... it's to test it.... not for to play it early... How you make up you'r mind on purchasing it on mp which is in beta and only gives you a few features/maps/guns/customisati on etc is just ridiculous !!!

firemassacre3644d ago

call of duty is Harold And Kumar

Uncharted 3 is Its a wonderful life

in terms of quality.

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Prcko3644d ago

Better than Call of Duty?

i can say : BY A MILE!!!

zero_gamer3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I can probably name at least 10 games in the shooter genre that is better than Ball of Dookie by a mile.

Resistance 2
Uncharted 2
Battlefield BF2
007 Goldeneye Wii
FarCry 2
Crysis 2
Halo 2

maxcavsm3644d ago

Goldeneye Wii? Are you serious?

zero_gamer3644d ago

I was sarcastic about Goldeneye 007. I have never even played the game to be truthful nor want to. Activision's games this generation are garbage anyway... Except CoD 2 & 4. Guitar Hero, good riddance they threw in the towel on that. I am waiting for CoD's turn.

Troll_Police3644d ago

YES, even though COD is 1st person and U3 is 3rd person. I've played other betas this year and I can safely say that Uncharted 3 is the best 3rd person multi player shooter.

carlosjrix3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

did you miss Gears3 beta? it's evident!

SAE3644d ago

GEARS 1 was good , it was fun but gears 2 sucks , i don't know about gears 3 , maybe it's good but i prefer uncharted 3 , it have amazing story , the multiplayer improved alot , i like it , it's harder now ....

TyrionL3643d ago

He's talking about the Beta lDeath489, and he is absolutely right. No matter what system or game you prefer, the Gears 3 beta played and ran much better than the UC3 beta. I've played both and it's really no contest, Gears 3 BETA was better hands down, but the UC3 Beta isn’t over yet. Please fanboy brigade, I am not saying Gears will be the better game, only that the BETA was better because it was. I am absolutely stoked for both games. I do give credit where credit is due though, both companies are working their asses off to bring us an incredible and enjoyable entertainment experience, and I respect them both. I can’t believe Gears 3 and UC3 are dropping in the same year, that in its self is just plain awesome, add BF3, ES: S, Batman: AC, and Zelda: SS and this is one of the best years in gaming I have ever see. Multi-console Gamers for the mega win. Boo-Ya

Aarix3641d ago Show
beast242tru3644d ago

i like uncharted multiplayer alot and yes i like more than call of duty because no matter how many boosters others get they still dnt feel like superhuman compared to someone with a lower level its fun run and gun roll jump duck FUN no other multiplayer is like uncharted

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