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If Naughty Dog improved the Single Player as much as they did Multiplayer, expect to lose hundreds of hours of your life.

Even for a beta, the gameplay is extremely smooth and offers hours of gameplay and dozens of unlockable items.

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topgun333438d ago

Can you use Chloe and customize her?

JBit923438d ago

Not in the beta no :[

She should be in the final game though if rumors are correct.

bwazy3437d ago

LOL players avoiding the G-MAL.

Best gun in the beta, beats the AK47 on EVERY level. Except maybe blind firing. But even still.

Heartnet3437d ago

hardly.. AK is better for running and gunning and on the move shooting whereas the G-MAL only really exels at long range and kinda mid range...

If you miss with the GMAL its alot of time wasted in which the AK which is continous fire..

both has advantages and disadvantages hehe

bwazy3437d ago

disagree it takes 2-3 bursts to kill a person with the gmal. And if you use the gmal and continuously miss, then I can see why you'd prefer a run and gun/spray ad pray weapon

Seriously tho at close rage Gmal wins everytime (if fired at same time)

despair3437d ago

I've also been using only the G-MAL, its pretty good except for close enounters, the short bursts really work against you then.

femshep3437d ago

yeah thats why i hit people in the head with a whole clip and they kill me with half of an ak clip

ShoryukenII3437d ago

I use the Para 9 (standard pistol) and the G-MAL. It works very well because the AK is harder to control. I find a nice place to camp and pull out the G-MAL and start raking in the kills. =D The only problem is I can't find any ammo anywhere. The auto pick up makes it hard to find ammo pick up points.

Anderson83437d ago

m9 is the best gun in the beta.. i'm not too fond of the gmal.. its ok and i use it now and again but whenever i come across some1 with it and i have the ak47 they end up dead so i'll stick with it..

they need to lower the aim assist though.. its ridiculous

XabiDaChosenOne3437d ago

I thought that was just me, they really need to do something about it.

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king053437d ago

It is brilliant, I mean the multiplayer includes the cinematic elements that you would expect in single-player.

cervantes993437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Since the new patch, the Beta has been smooth as silk (I'm in the USA).

I love it on every level. A little shock coming from Uncharted 2 - with all the new options and load outs (never played COD online), but you quickly get used to it and appreciate it.

I like how each weapon suits different players skill levels. AK for more run n' gun, g-mal for more skilled marksmen and everything in between.

Can't wait until 11-1-11 for the full release.

Edit: Graphics are insane for multiplayer - can't wait to see single player.

therapist3437d ago

well, so far i like it, the controls feel just a little loose, but perhaps they will tighten or i will get better with them. The core gameplay is very similar to uncharted 2 multi which i liked.

The graphics lookl worse then i remember uncharted 2 multiplayer, but either its because i have not played uncharted 2 in a long time or i have been playing way too many pc games.

The framerate was perfectly fine, and in the 5 games i played i never lost connection or experienced any lag spikes here.

overall it will be solid fun, but really, uncharted is really about single player

i just hope and am pretty sure that the single player has WAY better graphics, i know the gameplay will kick ass and will be getting it no matter what

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