New Creepy Screenshots of Condemned 2: Bloodshot

New Creepy Screenshots of Condemned 2: Bloodshot

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N73604494d ago

I'm going to be surprised if they allow this game to be released with the gore. It makes me wonder how manhunt 2 is any worse than this. Maybe I'm wrong

Devr4494d ago

The devs are working closely with ESRB to secure a M rating. They've already had to cut some stuff out, like putting someone's head into a vice.

Play B3yond4494d ago

This is definitely a game that ill break night playing with my friends

InMyOpinion4494d ago

I'll probably love the game, but I wish they could improve the graphics a little. The graphics in the first Condemned game were'nt the best when it was released, and this looks like the same engine.