The Preemptive "Reviews" of Final Fantasy XIII-2

Lately, probably alarmed by the rekindled attention the Final Fantasy franchise is enjoying from some media outlets, quite a few writers scrambled to write extremely negative articles based on the fact that they hated Final Fantasy XIII, therefore Final Fantasy XIII-2 must suck.

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Godmars2903440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I honestly just don't care. Which of course is a lie.

What is true that I have no plans on buying this game. I want vsXIII - and by that at point that means I want to see something about it - and a traditional version of Front Mission.

At this point I don't think I actually want vsXIII, I just want to see how it turns out. If Square can even make a good game that isn't a remake and either on the 360 or PS3.

I am all but done with them.

Abriael3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

And why do you want vsXIII?

Considering that we know basically nothing about it. Do you like the name "versus" more than "-2"?

Sounds rather illogical to me, but what do i know :D

Mystickay863440d ago

We saw some gameplay of Versus, which IMO looked great. I'm looking forward to both games, though i'm leaning towards XIII-Versus a bit more.

Abriael3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

it didn't look bad for sure, but it's way too little to know anything for sure about the game, and most definitely is too little to consider it some sort of messiah like many do.

That's what you call setting oneself up for disappointment.

@godmars290: it's your choice, being "done" with a developer is nothing else than a silly preconception. But hey, you're the one that loses out of it.

I prefer to enjoy good games, whatever brand they have on the box, no matter if that brand may have developed games i didn't like in the past.

It's not like they did it to personally slight me, but again, as a customer, you're entirely free not to keep an open mind about games you know almost nothing about. The problem comes when journalists (or journalist wannabes) pick up an attitude like that.

Which is what the article we're commenting on is about.

Nitrowolf23440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

From whats been shown it looks great. Plus it has more of a dark fantasy feel to it then the other FF games. And a bit of a FF7 feel (the look).

IDK to me it looks like it could be a great Title and with Nomura behind it, it gives good hope.

Hicken3440d ago

The funny thing here is that while people constantly say the JRPG scene has gotten stale, XIII bucked the trend and got slammed for it.

Now the sequel is announced, with every indication that issues people had with the first game(issues I didn't have, by the way) have been addressed, and IT also gets slammed.

At the same time, people continue to clamor for VS-XIII, which they know next to nothing about, as if it's certain this game will be everything they hoped it would be.... which is just what they thought of XIII... and XII... and XIV....

Godmars2903440d ago

What trend did it buck exactly? That it wasn't exclusive? Attempt to serve as a good example for a JRPG on an HD console? To solidly deliver in terms of gameplay, story and world setting, because it certainly bucked those trends.

Like I said before: while I once had hope for vsXIII, reexamining Square's recent track record has only raised doubt. I'm more waiting to see if its another train-wreak or multiplatform release for the PS4 and Next Box. Which it likely will.

How am I losing out on anything when I was disappointed in XIII, and XIII-2 only looks more of the same except with towns and open spaces. Things that should have been in the first game in the first place.

Square and whatever retailer loses out on my $60 while I'll be putting more hours into Disgaea 4 and other titles which haven't bucked the trend of actually being good.

Abriael3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Actually it's fairly evident to anyone with eyes that XIII-2 is a very different game from XIII, the only things in common are the graphical style and part of the combat engine.
Unfortunately some, quite evidently, don't have eyes.

Your $60 is rather inconsequential compared to the millions the game will sell.

Will it be good? We don't know. But by deciding aginst it as a preconception, the only one losing out is you.

Hicken3440d ago

By being from Japan and playing nothing like any other JRPG you've ever played. You can't even point to what's wrong; anything you point out isn't a fault, but simply one of the many reasons it's not like what you were expecting. And instead of being open to that change, you're so afraid of it you call it horrible.

The game doesn't suck any more than any other Final Fantasy. Only your perception of it is that it sucks. Too bad for you that the prevailing perception is that it wasn't as horrible as all that.

And despite everything that states the contrary, you and others like you are ready to slam its sequel. Nevermind that there's evidence that every single one of your complaints has been addressed; because it's XIII's sequel(and because it's not Versus, which you know almost nothing about), it sucks, as well.

Blackcanary3440d ago

@Abriael How is he losing out if he doesn't even want the game. Because of what he see. Keep in mind he has every right to his opinion and u make it sound like he doesn't Just because you liked XIII and u will proberly end up buying xiii-2 that is what it kind of sounds like imho.

Lifewish3432d ago

i agree God. I will be putting hours upon hours into Disgaea 4

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Blackcanary3440d ago

@Hicken What you just said is just silly. It seems like because he doesn't like the game that you liked he should be seen as someone who isn't opened to change how the hell do you he isn't opened to change when you do not know what games he owns that's just not logical. why can't you just accept the fact that he did not like XIII and is not interested in buying XIII-2 its like ur coming down on him for not liking a game you liked.

Its very childish to be honest with you.

It has nothing to do with being scared of change god i'm not buying XIII-2 because i feel like all the things that they fixed should of been in XIII in the first place. And Not even just that i hated the characters in XIII including Lighting so i don't see why i should spend my money on that XIII-2 that has a character in it who i wanted to back hand so many times in the first game. That's my opinion on the matter.

Abriael3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

One thing is not liking a past game, that one has already seen and of which he knows a reasonable amount of information about.

One thing is deciding by preconception that a future game will suck, out of nothing else than thin air,just because of the hate for it's name (because that's all there's to it).

If you decide beforehand that a game will suck, you're the one losing out, simply because you're the one deprieving yourself of a potentially good game.
It's your right, but that doesn't mean it's a smart attitude.

of course, if you're a journalist and write preemptive articles on how a game will suck after having seen an extremely limited demo on it, and going as far as denying the evidence that there have been many changes from the previous game, then you simply lack integrity and are spreading clear cut misinformation.

Hicken3439d ago

First, I'll respond to your second paragraph:

So, because these things were missing from XIII, you're giving XIII-2 (which has the stuff you want IN it) a no-go? Where's the logic in that? "Well, the first one I didn't like, but they fixed all that for the second one. Oh, well, since it wasn't there in the first one, I won't play the sequel." Yeah, real logical.

Now, for your first paragraph:

It has nothing to do with whether or not I liked the game. The fact of the matter is that he went into FFXIII thinking it would be one thing, and it wasn't. Instead of accepting said game for what it was (i.e. being open to changes in his beloved FF series or JRPGs in general), he says it's a horrible game. I haven't played EVERY such game, but I've owned every FF since V, and have possessed more than 50 different JRPGs. It's a fact that XIII plays like absolutely none of them. Not FF, not Persona, not Ar Tonelico, not Disgaea, not Atelier or Mana Khemia, not SMT, not Breath of Fire, not a single NIS or Atlus title, not one GUST or Banpresto, not Sony, not Square-Enix. Want me to name each and every title? Cuz I can do that for you, and then go over how XIII's gameplay isn't like them.

What has he even said he doesn't like about the game? What ONE THING has he singled out? He said it didn't deliver proper story, gameplay or world setting. Okay, how? What was wrong with them? And why is it you're saying the same things everyone else is saying, and exactly the same way: without any details? Sounds like following the crowd, to me.

Which is very childish, and yet something adults do on a regular basis. Something that seems to have been done here.

It's nice what you were TRYING to do, canary, but... not this time. You're defending someone who put themselves in the situation, and your defense suffers because of it.