IGN: SSX Live Demo

Check out the demo that wowed us at E3, live from EA's Vancouver studio.

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manman63438d ago

The game look like it is going to be great. With the new features they are adding and bringing back the stuff that we love from the old ssx this game is a day one purchase.

Ducky3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Yay, good to see some snowboarding games are still getting made.

I used to have so much fun with Cool Boarders... but the genre seems to have vanished nowadays.
Or maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. =/

mastiffchild3437d ago

There WAS Shaun White's Snowboarding the other year,wasn't there? Anyway, I'm not yet sure SSX is going to be anything other than Skate on snow-if it's all twin sticks it can eff off. There's nothing wrong with the way it controlled already.

Skynetone3437d ago

Looking sweet and adding run dmc is a class move,

day one dlc and ill pass

Boody-Bandit3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

SSX was a surprise sleeper hit for me when the PS2 launched. I remember camping out at Best Buy over night when it released and me and my friends couldn't think of a 3rd game to get. 1 of us picked up SSX and by days end we all went back to the store and picked up a copy and played it non stop for weeks.

I hope this new iteration recaptures the magic of the original.