ROBORAGE! Hackers and MMO Players Edition

Jessie from vents about how lame the Sony Hackers are, as well as how generally speaking, MMORPG players are inconsiderate D-bags.

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Sidology3444d ago

Most MMO players just keep supporting the case for more single-player games.

Desert Turtle3444d ago

There's nothing wrong with living your life vicariously through WoW.

pondaboba3444d ago

I'm just wondering if all MMO players use bed pans for their play sessions.

RoboRyan3444d ago

Giving someone crap for helping you out? Kind of absurd. If this article describes the state of MMOs, I'm glad I haven't gotten into them. I though teamwork was supposed to be part of the appeal.

RoboSpiff3444d ago

I mean, you can still find decent people out there... but yeah, there are a lot of Dbags.

AronDeppert3444d ago

90% of the reason I quit playing WoW was because of the type of people that play MMOs.