Top 7 All-Star RPG Villains Second Team

Sam Evans writes, "Every RPG has that big bad guy but how many of them over the years have been not as good as a secondary villain in the story. For every Kefka from Final Fantasy VI that was able to dominate the screen, there are just as many villains that couldn't hold a candle to the secondary villain. These are villains that weren't the main attraction but ended up stealing the show."

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BeaRye3440d ago

Lmao- no one beats Sephiroth in FF VII. Are you kidding?

charlescox43440d ago

If I'm counting, Sephiroth is first team by this guy's explanation. Unless I misread, this is about 2nd team?

Raichu503440d ago

Team Rocket was great but where is Sephiroth? and Kefka?

coryok3440d ago

sephiroth and kefka were the main bad guys of their games. hes talking about best secondary-type-boss-things :) lol

VG_Releaser3440d ago

meh. I can think of 20 more.

vgn243440d ago

No Kid Bowser in Paper Mario?

coryok3440d ago

lmao that purple dinosaur thing from super mario rpg was a good enemy