Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition PC Leaked

DSOGaming writes: "Wow, now this is quite a blow below the belt for all those who pre-order Capcom’s latest fighting game. After the long wait, ‘fight’ and struggle of Capcom’s fans for a future release of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition to the PC, we’ve just found out that the game has been leaked to various torrents."

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john23445d ago

As long as pirates can't play online (which was SF4's main issue), Capcom has nothing to be afraid of. The heart of all fighting games is their multiplayer mode ;)

kagon013445d ago

Pirates don't care about the online experience they only care for the gaming experience...

Fishy Fingers3445d ago

Speaking for anyone whos ever pirated a game now are we? Cool.

kagon013445d ago

@Fishy Fingers: I supported Capcom for 18 years and you are trowing me those lame accusations lol. I'm saying the way things are...

(a good example)

You still have to download a patch from MS after you gave your information in order to have the full experience from the official/original version while the leeches will be enjoy to full experience after they install the game...

kevnb3445d ago

Who approves this stuff? And why is it always the pc version that gets reported? The console versions leaked like a week ago.