TGH: F.E.A.R. 3 Video Review

TGH Writes: "The original F.E.A.R was released back in 2005. Since that time, the series has built quite the cult following due to its unique approach to traditional FPS gameplay along with its honorific nature Now the third instalment in the series has been unleashed upon the world. But, is F.E.A.R 3 worth another week of sleeping with the light on? Or is best to lay this game to rest? Let’s find out."

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ShadyDevil3090d ago

Great detailed video review guys. Love the game.

ferelinstincts3090d ago

Thanks dude, I'm glad you liked it. : )

Rob9463090d ago

Game looks pretty fun

ferelinstincts3090d ago

Maybe that's because it is... Lol. : P

femshep3090d ago

when was fear scary? Fear has never been a horror game more of an action thriller

then again i don't get scared easy

and i don't think reviewers should knock a game for its story length.....all shooters have always been 5-6 hours depending on difficulty you should already expect that from a FPS

XRider3090d ago

My copy is still on its way :( Want to play this soooooo bad I can taste it.

ferelinstincts3090d ago

It is a very good game. : )