Midway Promise To Make Better PS3 Games

As nice a machine as it is, a lot of developers are struggling when it comes to porting games to the PS3. If it's a 360 game, or if the 360's the lead platform, hoo-boy, we've got problems. Midway have certainly had problems, something they're at least big enough to admit:

For our first wave of next-gen games... lead development has been on the Xbox 360, due to its earlier introduction and larger installed base. We ran into some technical issues developing for the PlayStation 3 that have taken more time to finalize than we expected.

These include... making sure that the framerate, networking, and graphical features are at parity between the platforms. We've also encountered challenges as a result of shipping two of the very first PS3 games using Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

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pornflakes4056d ago

The PS3 is a strong plattform, UT3 and epic show us that the PS3 can easily handle the Engine.

In future people will get great games 4 the PS3.

thereapersson4056d ago

A real, unbiased gamer can see this means good things for gamers because it will most likely lead to a better product. PS3 owners deserve a quality game just like everyone else.

popup4056d ago

Well said. It seems many have struggled with the Unreal Engine for the PS3 and all that has been written, it seems it is a poorly written engine when it comes to exploiting the PS3's capabilities

kingboy4056d ago

Midway seem really confident and comfortable lately with the ps3 hardware which is all good

ENNO4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

The admin approved this so he obviously didnt see it as a duplicate

TnS4056d ago

ENNO: you linked to Kotaku, instead of the source. This is exactly the same story. JamieSI just didn't checked for duplicates.

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The story is too old to be commented.