Codemasters talks Sensible Soccer XBLA

Eurogamer writes: "Where on earth is Sensible World Of Soccer? It's certainly not on Xbox Live Arcade. We wanted to know why - given how good it looked when we played it, and how sure Codemasters seemed about a summer launch - so we had a chat with Codemasters Online Gaming's Jim Brown. Here's what he had to say!"

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ddldave4593d ago

look at that screenshot. the power of the 360.

nirwanda4593d ago

I could post a screenshot of flow and show you the true power of the PS3

magera4593d ago

I`m looking forward to this game but its not really showing the power of 360. The graphics are quite basic but it always had amazing gameplay.

nirwanda4593d ago

We delayed SWOS to optimize the network code because we wasn't happy with it

kingfury4593d ago

They put some dots on a green screen and call this a soccer game? You meaning to tell me XBLA is putting out Atari games? This is lame. Should have known coming from Failurebox 360.

commadore654593d ago

I used to play it on the snes/megadrive, the slide tackles were well funny, was like they were on ice or summin. It had a rockin theme tune too.

Tone4593d ago

Obviously none of you have played sensi soccer before... this footie game rules all footie games in terms of gameplay and fun!

When it comes out.. have a game of it and you will see what i mean!

This game is all about playability and fun, not fancy graphics!

magera4593d ago

god i used to love this game on my amiga.