Xenoblade's world scope 'is incredible,' says dev

Xenoblade writer Yuichiro Takeda recently commented on the sheer scope of the JRPG's world.

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RoboSpiff3438d ago

I wanna play this game so bad!

jacksonmichael3438d ago

Who could disagree with that!?

pepsilover_20073437d ago

there not coming to the us nintendo just said on facebook....

NewMonday3437d ago

it will come to Europe with English, so the hard part is done, now just import it.

what we really need now is the Last Story.

pepsilover_20073437d ago

@newmonday can we play it on us wiis

jacksonmichael3437d ago

You can't believe everything you read on Facebook... or anything, really. According to Facebook, I've been married (twice).

AronDeppert3438d ago

Thanfully my Wii is region-free so I'll at least be able to play the PAL version when it's released.

Optical_Matrix3438d ago

September the 2nd boys ;] GAME has it for pre-order, but theres no damn button to pre-order. Good lord.

jc485733437d ago

just hope operation rainfall continues with their letters. I have decided not to any Nintendo from here on until these games are released.