DLC: Not Content with the Lack of Content

Game Podunk blogger, Standard Minion writes, "For many modern, high profile game releases, downloadable content (DLC) is being considered a standard. It’s just about assumed that a big budget game will eventually get some. It's hard to turn away an invitation for “more game,” especially when it’s extra content for a title you especially enjoyed. And, as far as publishers are concerned, it's hard for them not to charge us for it. Are gamers paying for content that they should have gotten, anyways? This question is especially important when you consider the practice of paid DLC being made available within the first few weeks –- or even days –- of a game’s release (e.g. Mafia 2, the Dragon Age series, Bulletstorm)."

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coolasj3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Nice word play.
If you want a lesson on how to do content. Check out Burnout Paradise. I'm pretty sure the game showed signs of being incomplete at launch but they gave out those updates life free candy. And everything else that you had to pay for was clear cut not integral to the game.

Corrwin3437d ago

I miss the old days.

When developers would work on a game AFTER release, either to add to the game in some way or improve the core gameplay.

These days we get get some buggy expansion for a Bethesda franchise, or worse, a game released half finished, with the developers giving us free DLC in the form of "the rest of the game" (Looking at you Burnout Paradise).