Crysis 2 - The Way It Was Meant To Be... Partially

DSOGaming writes: "Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning. I was among those that criticized Crytek’s decision to release a dumbed down version of Crysis 2 to the PC. As I wrote in my ‘How Crytek doomed Crysis 2’s PC version’ article for another publication, Crytek had failed to release a proper PC version of Crysis 2 and didn’t include any DX11 support, modding tools, advanced graphics options or an 64bit executable file. Fast forward some months and here we are today with most of those issues addressed/fixed."

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Jacobite3442d ago

One issue I've got is how in gods earth can you get rid the on screen prompts ie press f to look press F to pick up ammo sh*t etc. I'm playing third time now on super human warrior lol why would I need to see these stupid on screen prompts is doing my head in lol thats my moan for today, apart from that I forgave Crytec for not having DX11 at the start now.

Jacobite3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Even so they should give you a choice to turn the screen prompts off, even better if you could turn the Hud off if you wanted : )

john23441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Totally agree with Jacobite. Keep in mind that Crytek did that with Crysis 1's Delta Difficulty, where there weren't any on-screen indications and Koreans were speaking their native language.

Bakkies3441d ago

Strange, PC fans told me Crysis 2 was bad game because it was a "dumbed down console game". Now that the graphics has become better, now all of a sudden it's not bad/average game anymore? Don't get me wrong, I really liked Crysis 2 for the pc. Just strange that a graphics patch sways peoples opinion of a game.