The "D" in "D-pad" now stands for "dead" (Bitmob)

Once the king of control, the D-pad is now insignificant today. What might the future hold for our beloved directional pad?

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Shaman1453087d ago

It also stands for "Depressing". I mean, look at's like an old person in a crowd of young, hip kids.

NovusTerminus3087d ago

Every tried BlazBlue with the analog stick? Does not work to well, and even in shooters it makes a good inventory control.

It needs to be there. That is all.

choadley3087d ago

I still have no idea what Nintendo was thinking when it made the N64 pad.

Bnet3433086d ago

Yeah that really was useless. I hated the N64 controller. The C buttons just felt too much. And the three handles ... I wasn't born with three hands so yeah lol.

MidnytRain3086d ago

I remember playing an old N64 at my grandad's house playing Mario Kart. Back then, the controller looked so confusing and convoluted, lol.

L6RD7BLU33086d ago

I obviously didn't realize fighting games weren't being made anymore, obvious. LOL

Urrakia343086d ago

Dead?! Well maybe to the Xbox 360 controller......

maniacmayhem3086d ago

Ha! Anyone who plays ssf4 on 360 will understand just how funny that comment was.

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The story is too old to be commented.