Twilight Princess is a better game than Ocarina of Time (Bitmob)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess seems to improve on everything about Ocarina of Time. So what's keeping Twilight Princess from being an all-time fan favorite?

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Shaman1453438d ago

Cool article, but I highly doubt people will be talking about Twilight Princes as much as OoT in ten years.

dedicatedtogamers3438d ago

OoT was the first 3D Zelda and was a lot of kids' first Zelda.

The ONLY reason why it is "the best Zelda EVARRRR" is because a large number of insecure gamers are terrified of admitting that their childhood friend has been surpassed by newer Zelda titles.

Peaceful_Jelly3438d ago

the game is selling 3DS something TP couldn't do with the GC or Wii.

3438d ago
dedicatedtogamers3438d ago

@ Peaceful_Jelly

It's selling 3DS? Really? Really? You wanna stand by that? I'll see you in a month when we see how much of an effect OoT had on 3DS sales. LOL

Peaceful_Jelly3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

you people are acting exactly how those other haters act when someone mentions FFVII. Stop hating on things just because they are popular.

OoT was great 10 years ago and it still great 10 years later with amazing reviews and public reception. That's something not many games can achieve and that should be enough prove that your statement is based on misconception and the fact that you're just hatin on something because is popular.

Do you people have any idea why "Citizen Kane" is considered to be the best movie ever created? Have any of you really thought how much the gameplay mechanics in the Zelda series have evolved since OoT?

And on a side note: Wii sales were always high, they never went up because of a game (unless you consider the Wii-fit a game?) like saying Halo on the Xbox or MGS4 on PS3.

MaxXAttaxX3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

OoT is not the better Zelda game.
It was the first 3D Zelda and many people's first Zelda game, yes. It's a really great Zelda game, but not "teh best".
It's a similar case with FF7.

[Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess are better IMO.]

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iamtehpwn3438d ago

Ocarina of Time was a better game because it was Revolutionary and entirely new in concept. You can't call something better if it attempts to replicate what was already done. On top of which, the Wolf Transformation was forced upon you ever so often, and players prefer being Link the entire game.

Nugan3438d ago

I actually didn't mind the wolf sections, but otherwise I agree.

You can argue over which Zelda game is best, and the argument will be totally subjective and meaningless, because being "good" or "better" is incredibly hard to pin down.

However, what is clear that that Ocarina of Time was more revolutionary than Twilight Princess. Most of the core mechanics used by TP (and hundreds of other 3rd person 3D games) were created or perfected by OoT. That's why it gets so much praise.

Optical_Matrix3438d ago

Fair opinion. In my opinion it doesn't touch OoT though. Was a brilliant game none the less.

elbeasto863438d ago

Uh oh... you gunna git it now... :P

Urmomlol3438d ago

Wow, you're making a controversial statement in order to get attention. Cool story, brah.

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