Rogers Video welcomes in Blu-ray

Rogers Video, a Canadian entertainment retailer specializing in movies, games, and wireless devices made an announcement that is starting to become synonymous with Blu-ray.

Because the consumer demand was so high, Rogers Video announced that they just added Blu-ray rentals to over 250 of its retail stores all around Canada. To add frosting to the announcement, Rogers Video revealed that the Blu-ray titles will also be featured in their all new "Star Rewards" program that gives customers free movies based on the quantity of points gained through various transactions.

VP of Merchandise & Distribution for Rogers Retail, Michael Jacobson said, "We are witnessing increasing customer demand for high-definition movie titles. Our goal is to ensure that we are supplying our customers with choice and availability in whatever format they are after".

Add another point to the Blu-ray tally.

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jackfatal4911d ago

HD DVD made announcement to sell its player for 200$, and for Halloween for 100$!! i gues this move just show how much they are disparate and now even more stores adapt blue ray

Grassroots4911d ago

I love blu-ray but don't care, because I come to this site for gaming news, not the highly ridiculous hd format war.

CyberSentinel4911d ago

It can not improve your grammar or spelling skills.

Fezthebest4911d ago

Well Blu-ray is involved in the gaming industry as the PS3 uses it as a medium for games, so in a way it is involved in gaming, It determines the fate of PS3 a little.

MikeMichaels4911d ago

This actually good news for me since i have one of these 5 mins from my house. Thanks for the tip N4G.

rubarb234911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

i like how this dumb ass (Sarad Jackson) labels his post "Rogers Video welcomes in Blu-ray" and forgets to add in HD DVD. I live in Canada and have a rogers store across the street. their promotion is for HD content both hd dvd and blu ray.


@ who ever disagreed, what's there to disagree about, that's their promotion stupid!

OOG FunK4911d ago

bahaha yea lolmeh what can ya do when people thiunk everything the post is news

Ju4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

Actually, I just got that $99 Walmart-Toshiba HD-DVD player. And then I went to my Netflix account to change all my DVDs to HD-DVD (I have Blue-Ray already - so my queue is pretty much full with BD, except for a couple). So, well, I am changing my prefs to add HD-DVD in the hopes my remaining DVDs will now be available in HD, guess what - one (!) single movie was available in HD-DVD (all the others I can have on BD as well). Now my queue is still full of BD, 2 DVDs and one (! as in "1"!) HD-DVD. That was a bit of an disappointment, but I think the reason why they switch to BD.

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