Capcom issues Resident Evil: The Mercenaries save data

STN Writes:

Capcom has tonight issued a statement regarding the save data for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D following concerns that the second hand sales value will be affected.

Essentially Capcom is saying that saves are not able to be written over due to a design decision more than anything else. Capcom also says that used copies of the game were not taken into consideration.

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paladinaz3089d ago

I hope core RE fans who will blindly buy this game will be disappointed.

theEx1Le3089d ago

Why on earth would you wish that? that just sounds really bitter

meganick3089d ago

I bought it because I really enjoyed the mercenaries mode in the recent console games. The 3DS version is fun, but the lack of save erasing is a dick move on Capcom's part, so I can understand the outrage.

meganick3089d ago

I'm actually more offended by Capcom's refusal to admit the real reason they prevented the erasing of save data than the actual act of preventing the erasing of save data.

sandreini3089d ago

I love Capcom, but don't take us for fools. This is also the Capcom that charged $5 or $15 for DLC that was already on the RE5 disk. Don't go down this path any further, please.

Godmars2903089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Sadly, pretty sure that between them and EA they were the first to open that path.

And really, how many times does this have to be asked: How many versions of Street Fighter 2 did they put out? When did Megaman Network Battle start coming monthly?


Optical_Matrix3089d ago

Never heard so much bullshit

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