Average Battlefield player vs. Average Call of Duty player

Humor: the difference between the average Battlefield player and the average Call of Duty player :)

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LOGICWINS3442d ago

Coming from the bf3blog? Yup, this won't be biased at all lol. Videos hilarious though haha.

Agent-863442d ago

No matter where it comes from, funny is funny. This was downright lol funny.

MWong3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

But the 2 comparisons are very accurate to me.

LOL @ Dart89's video ... very sad

thugbob3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

While I like battlefield lets be honest.

This is the average BF player.

Average CoD player


JBaby3433441d ago

That video was hilarious and actually pretty accurate. Completely different styles of play and attitudes which is why I never play COD anymore online.

@ thugbob: freaking hilarious but unfortunately there are more and more campers finding their way into BC2.

Dart893442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

He forgot to add this to cod players >_<.

Edit:@Logic below it really shows how good parenting really is nowadays /s.

LOGICWINS3442d ago

I'm surprised that vid hasn't been deleted from Youtube for being offensive. I guess its a freedom of speech thing.

ATiElite3442d ago

And that's why I will never ever play on XBL again.

This video could be made using new people every 3 minutes on XBL.....simply the WORSE EVER!

IaMs123442d ago


if you saw the video, you would see that this is on PS3. You cant escape it no matter what platform you prefer so get over it and mute them when you find them.

Sabian1873442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

This is the reason the mute button was invented.
There better be party chat across all gametypes in MW3.
(except S&D)
(Because if you have one life per round you shouldn't be able to talk and report locations.)

JBaby3433441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

This is EXACTLY why I never play COD online anymore. Every room I go into it's like this yet I've never experienced it in any game except COD series. How can someone not know how to put on a headset but know how to speak like this? It's no surprise this country is falling so fast.

@atiElite: This has nothing to do with XBL as both networks are like this. This is a COD thing.

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ATiElite3442d ago

Wait they forgot the COD players campfire, tent, and KOA card.

Just think BF4 using DX12 will look better than that picture.

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Fishy Fingers3442d ago

Ha. Looks like MacGruber is having more fun though.

Pikajew3442d ago

Both are people that waist their time on the games, when they can waist their time on a way better game

Ser3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Wow, you sure do like to troll, huh? How do you have so many bubbles?

Also, what's this "way better game" you speak of?

Pikajew3442d ago

its my opinion

TF2 is better
fighting games are better
action adventures games are better
RPG games are better

military shooters are bland and boring

spektical3442d ago

i loved TF2

your comparing completely different genres.

for example i could say RPGs get dull
fighting games are repetitive
action adventures have predictable storylines
etc etc.
there are flaws in every genre, but its those same exact flaws that make the genre different from everything else.

JBaby3433441d ago

It's true. What games I "waste" my time on is my business. Some people "waste" their time learning what homophones are.

electricshadow3442d ago

If people are enjoying themselves while they play either game, how exactly are the WASTING (derp) their time?

SirBillyBones3442d ago

Is 'waist' troll for 'waste'?

Spinal3442d ago

Atleast learn to spell 'Waste' and What a person chooses to put their time into is their choice. The same amount of time you put into the games you like why cant someone put it into the games they like.

NEWSFLASH==== not everyone has the same taste in games. and no-one has to share your Taste in games.

I love my MMO's first and foremost. Cant wait to play guild Wars 2 and i still play WoW from time to time. I also look forward to Battlefield 3 and Diablo 3 plus SWTOR. wheres the boring and bland in my Game diet? =)

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consolez_FTW3442d ago

This is awesome. In seriousness though a average skilled BF player is probably more tactical, actually acknowledges his/her team mates, and cares more for objectives than K/D ratio. Average COD skilled player is probably more lone wolf style, has a good twitch in his/her thumb, and camps alot.

thespaz3442d ago

Yup! That about sums it up.

With that said... I actually like the Call of Duty approach.

I don't have the patience for tactical gaming. I want it fast and hard or I'll get bored very quickly.

So yeah... I like Call of Duty. Go ahead and hate on me for liking something that I find fun.

wollie3442d ago

"I want it fast and hard or I'll get bored very quickly."

thats what she said. sorry couldnt resist

PsycheMax3442d ago

Your boyfriend will be happy ;)

JBaby3433441d ago

Just make sure you never go to war and you'll be ok.

thespaz3441d ago

It's a game. Games are meant to be played for fun. I don't treat it like a simulator or a trainer.

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