Resistance 3: PS3's best exclusive shooter?

Civilisation is dead, Joseph Capelli has been living in a bin for four years having shot mankind's best hope and, incredibly, things are about to get worse.

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Troll_Police3374d ago

R3 will be the best shooter period, not just PS3.

ksense3374d ago

hmmm i don't know about that. But I will say that I am more excited for this than I was for Killzone 3.

Abash3374d ago

Well Killzone 3 has that spot for me, as far as online goes. But I have a feeling Resistance 3 will have the better campaign, but let's see if it can have a better online than KZ3

BakedGoods3374d ago

The demo was less than stellar...

That being said, it's still a day one for me.

MintBerryCrunch3374d ago

id give that title to R:FoM or KZ2

Joni-Ice3374d ago

KZ3 is better to me. Maps are amazing however I do hope R3 give KZ3 run for their money.

TekoIie3374d ago

R3 is putting more focus on individual players making a difference on the game whereas in R2 a team of 39 vs 40 wouldnt be much of a disadvantage at all

MaxXAttaxX3374d ago

when it comes to FPSs on PS3

BeOneWithTheGun3374d ago

Ditto. I can't put my finger on it but KZ3 didn't make me go "woah" after playing it. It had all the features but just felt...I dunno, not there?

OT: R3 is shaping up to be a beast. Between this, Skyrim and Gears 3, my family might as well not set a plate for me this holiday season.

gypsygib3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

@ BeOneWithTheGun

It's the characters I think, they are all very bland. I absolutely loved K3s MP and really enjoyed the SPs gunplay (I played the campaign 3 times) but Sev has to be one of the most uninteresting main characters ever.

He's so regular and has zero personality. They could at least have given him a reputation among the troops as being some multi-medal winning amazingly talented soldier. which for some reason he is in the game but without an explanation how or why.

Best thing for the series is to kill him off or elevate his rep. I need a reason of background as to why he's so good or at least the source of his drive.

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StanLee3374d ago

The first Resistance had a great story and great pacing. The second, they went a bit set piece heavy. I hope the third is a more rounded affair.

Why o why3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

bang on...i was a little disappointed with the second game. Even with the huge set pieces it just didn't have the same atmosphere

BulletToothtony3374d ago

even thou i agree with your comment LOTS if you read the book it would help understand R2 lots better. I think that when they designed R2 they thought that everyone had read the book for some reason.

Book is definitely worth reading

SSKILLZ3374d ago

We all know that but we all <3 chimera too you know

Dart893374d ago

Plz learn to read the title {PS3'S BEST EXCLUSIVE SHOOTER}.

SpaceFox3374d ago


He was replying to comment #1 which says that R3 will be the best shooter period, saying he believes BF3 will take that place.

Whether you agree or not is a different story.

jriquelme_paraguay3374d ago

this is my answer to "R3 will be the best shooter period, not just PS3."

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I was a huge Resistance fan when part 1 came out...But after that it went down hill IMO..Even killzone 3 is not that great..I prefere killzone 2 instead...Im sorry to say but the PS3 dose not have a real shoot em up that can hold its own compared to halo,gears of war,Battle field,Call of duty..e.t.c

Im a huge PS3 fan but i admit when i wanna shoot em up i go to my 360 for gears or halo.

Roymunson3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

In terms of sales ps3 might not have a shooter that competes with those games , but in terms of quality n the better shooter kz,resistance ,MAG wipe the floor with halo n gears.

jidery3374d ago

The reason exclusive PS3 shooters don't sell as well is because we have more than one.

Eyeco3374d ago

Killzone maybe but MAG lol no way I like the ps3 but how you can compare a forgotten 2010 shooter to the likes of halo and gears is
Laughably fanboyish, MAG was a B grade Generic cod clone that relied on the gimmick of 250 players totally forgettable and the above post is right ps3 shooters honestly don't hold a candle to the big 3 BF, COD and Halo they all lack identities and offer almost nothing new

Dead_Cell3374d ago

You've obviously never played MAG. MAG and COD's only think in common is that they both have guns. You can spot the COD players a mile off, they're the ones finishing 3-23 at the end of a match.

SAE3374d ago

halo ?. get the hell out of here , halo sucks , the gameplay for noobs.. but gears is great , only the first one , stop trolling fanboy , at least the ps3 have good games not noob games..

about you prefering killzone 2 then killzone 3 and resistance 1 then resistance 2 , i agree with you , we liked them because they were something new but now it's not ..

YodaCracker3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

@jidery: "The reason exclusive PS3 shooters don't sell as well is because we have more than one."

Wow, and here I thought the 360 was always known as the "shooter box" for having the most shooter games and shooter fans, and now apparently it only has one shooter. Interesting...

It comes off as really desperate when you try to write off the PS3's poor software sales by saying PS3 owners have too many games to play. Absolutely pathetic and completely illogical!

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Spitfire_Riggz3374d ago

They didnt say first person shooter so I am going to have to say after playing the beta Uncharted 3 might take the cake

Cenobia3374d ago


COD and Battlefield are not exclusives.

Halo is up against Killzone and Resistance.

Gears goes up against Uncharted.

IMO, the PS3 exclusive shooters can stand up against the 360's exclusive shooters.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3374d ago


I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and all, so here's mine. Resistance 3 is the absolute best fps I've ever played. The atmosphere is chilling. The weapons are fun and creative and it's the only fps that has a story I actually care about.

BeastlyRig3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

nah best shooter on pc! Red Orchestra 2 kills this..

gameplay wise..

subtenko3374d ago

PS3 exclusives are hard to judge cause the dang Playstation devs are always competing against each other thus making epic crazy quality games.

Its hard to pick, but lets decide it into categories

3rd person: Uncharted3 vs. Starhawk

FPS: KZ3 vs R3 vs MAG

There are alot more but thats my pick (and when I say pick, I mean ima pick many if you say just one,lol)

Beast_Master3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

I am going to miss the 8 player co-op, looks like they took that idea and made a new IP. Looking forward to the R3 story, humanity needs to turn the tide in this game.

the_kutaragi_baka3374d ago

[email protected]

Battlefield 3 will be the best multiplayer shooter of the year I'm sure.

Resistence 3 will be the best overall.

Aarix3374d ago

Oh troll_police, you and your fanboyism

thugbob3374d ago


The best PS3 exclusive shooter will always be Killzone 2 until perhaps another good exclusive shooter comes out if not until Killzone 4 as long Killzone 4 is not as bad as Killzone 3 was. Resistance 3 does not look like it'll be better than Killzone 2 although it'll still be a solid title. And the true Halo killer is looking like DUST 514.

Aarix3372d ago

ARE YOU STILL RUNNING YOUR MOUTH. god dang, your a disgrace to gaming.

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Inside_out3374d ago

I didn't play the demo but everything looks good so the story and I hope they put it all together for this one.

I was disappointed about Res 2 but the art direction of this title makes me smile. Having this game and Gears with in weeks of each other is tough tho...Gears is gonna be tough to top for any game this year.

farhsa20083374d ago

Resistance has always been my favourite FPS, just so unique and has the best weapons in any game

Cajun Chicken3374d ago

It's all about the Auger and the Bullseye.

blusoops3374d ago

Carbine all the way (with secondary fire)

SAE3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

even the rpg have amazing secondary ,allweapons are great , only the shotgun and that changed now with resistance 3.. the sniper was amazing in resistance 1 , i still remember using it in the online..

Chnswdchldrn3374d ago ShowReplies(1)

Gonna be very hard to nominate best shooter this year.

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