The Old Republic Boasts 200 Hours of Gameplay per Class

According to EA's Frank Gibeau, BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic will feature 200 hours of gameplay for each of the game's eight classes.

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Darkfiber3437d ago

Well, it's an MMO, I would have hoped it would be unlimited.

BakedGoods3437d ago

I'm just glad The Old Republic can finally boast about *something*.

evrfighter3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

ToR is gonna play somewhat like mass effect as far as story goes. The stories are very well done. I'm getting more entertainment out of the bounty hunter story than I did dragon age 2.

raiding, grinding, pvp is unlimited

the actual story line per class is very different.

Darkfiber3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

How is that boasting? An MMO has 200 hours of gameplay but a single player game (Skyrim) has 300? Isn't it kinda bad when a single player game has 100 more hours of gameplay time than an MMO?

I have MMO characters that I've put probably over 5000 hours into, if it's a game I've played for years...200 hours is only 8 days played, which really isn't that much for an MMO. Bleh, I think I might just pass this over and get Guild Wars 2. I want this for the story and the fact that it's a Star Wars game but I can't help but think this game will fall flat on its face because they are targeting the wrong audience.

RonaldRaygun3437d ago

"and that doesn't include the crafting, the raids, the multiplayer"

Just like any MMO, it's unlimited if you want it to be. But to fully level and finish the main story quests will probably be 200 hours. At least that's how I interpreted it.

moaradin3437d ago

No MMO has 200 hours of unique gameplay at all, specially per class. The only way to make a game have unlimited timesinks is to have raids and other end-game activities, which isn't unique gameplay. This game has all that stuff also.

silvacrest3436d ago

like every MMO, content is constantly added so expect the 200 hours to increase

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Myze3437d ago

If you mean disappointing as in too much, not much I can say. However, if you mean disappointing as in not enough, I'm curious.

If what they say about the 200 hours being just the leveling part, by yourself (which you can level all the way up solo if you want, as in most MMOs now), that's more than most MMOs. WoW, Rift, Aion, LotRO, AoC, etc. all takes less than that to level up if you don't do crafting/raiding. It's about 8 1/2 days played time, and that seems like a good amount of time.

There is a storyline for each class that supposedly differs a fair bit between the others (a lot different if you play both sides). Whether that's true remains to be seen, but if so, that would provide more replay value than most MMOs, not counting raids/pvp, simply because most MMO's offer little different if you level up a different class. Now, if the game doesn't have sufficient end game content or stuff to do at end game, it will suffer just a couple months after release, like Rift did/does (end game content sucked, and why I left the game).

Kamikaze1353437d ago

Disappointing because it's an MMO and there shouldn't be a limit to how many hours you have content with whatever class you pick.

Myze3437d ago

Well, as someone already pointed out in a previous post, the article states that the 200 hours does not include crafting, raiding and multiplayer.

The crafting and raiding are obvious, but I can only guess that "multiplayer" would be instances and pvp.

So, that 200 hours would pretty much be the leveling aspect including the "personal" story for the class. That's a pretty good amount of time. This also means that there is definitely not a limit to how many hours you can play the content. You can run the instances and raids and do crafting and pvp as often as you like after that 200 hours. This is no different than any other MMO.

kalebgray923437d ago

200 is plenty maybe not for the ppl who have no lives but that would take a 66 days straight for 3 hours a day to complete the basics.... i only play for like 3 hours at launch then i would only do like 1 1/2 after that a day... this will be great

Kamikaze1353437d ago

People play MMO games over the course of a few years. Not a few months or days like they do with console games. Just look at games like Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft.

kalebgray923437d ago

but myself and many other ppl wont play everyday for extended periods of time... ppl work.. im not saying i will beat it in 66 days it will probably take me a couple of months to be the story... but you must realize that its only 200 per class that means there are 7 more 200 gaming hour sessions for the basic story without all the raids, flashpoints, etc. which can take hours on end ... this is plenty...

maniacmayhem3437d ago

They should do a star wars game that takes place in the future far after return of the jedi.

Sorry if there was already one i'm not a huge star wars guy. But it would be interesting.

kalebgray923437d ago

they should do luke skywalkers son or something like that... they should do a movie trilogy on that ...with christopher nolan as director

keith-ps33437d ago

can any one really play a game for 200 hours

NegativeCreepWA3437d ago

I easily put 200 into Morrowind, Oblivion and, Fallout.

jrisner3437d ago

I easily put 200 and more into Fallout 3

keith-ps33437d ago

o yea i did play fallout 3 for more then 200 hours only cuz there was so much to do and the dlc never heard of mirrowind oblivion was dum im sorry

silvacrest3436d ago

WoW players, in fact any MMO

those guys who play COD or yet again, any FPS online

RPG players who do everything possible in said RPG

im sure there are others

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