Lucha Fury Review (GPT)

Gameplay Today: "Retro beat em' ups are not exactly a rare genre on the Xbox Live Arcade, or any platform really. Whether it's a true classic like Final Fight or something newer akin to Scott Pilgrim: The Game; there are plenty of great titles out there. Being an above average fan to this style of gameplay, I had big hopes for Lucha Fury. The graphics stand out from the typical digital download, and the Lucha Libre theme had my interest peaked at the very least. Unfortunately the experience you actually pay to play is a horrible mess of burrito sized proportions."

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ShyGuy133438d ago

Unless the developers are themselves Mexican, this game is borderline racist. lol.

charlescox43438d ago

I think they are... one of those.

BeaRye3438d ago

Getting a real Rainbow Mika vibe from that chick

Raichu503438d ago

WTF is this lucha mucha