Games Are Not What People Pirate The Most

As we all know today, the Internet is extremely easy to find pirated stuff, especially through the so famous 'torrents'. A report by TorrentFreak conducted a study to know which game platform is the favorite of hackers..

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I_find_it_funny3440d ago

of course not, nobody said the are, no need to even guess, its obviously movies

LOGICWINS3440d ago

Adult movies to be exact =D

dinkeldinkse3440d ago

Why is that not a surprise?

LeftPawedFox3440d ago

whaaa never saw that coming..

ilikegam3s3440d ago

wow no really? I didnt know that.


Redgehammer3440d ago

Someone should issue me a TMI citation!
I started pirating and phreaking in 1983, I was 13 and it seemed so cool. I was a pirate, but I never felt like a criminal. I could do things all the other kids, I knew, thought was A. either super nerdy, or B. super cool. The BBS's, Phreaking, and Track 18 sector 1, gave way to FTP's and 0day Usenet distribution. I never really considered that I was truly doing someone, somewhere, harm. Then my 30's happened, and I was macking it, releasing encodes faster than they could be listed on, personally trying to drive TMD out of the scene. It was intoxicating to be in the race, to get a non-nuked release out. However, in 2006, I began to feel my own personal Sword of Damocles hanging over my head in the form of the MPAA and the FBI; plus, I finally reasoned that I could not teach my children "Thou shall not steal", yet have 2 TB of just movies, that I did not purchase, available for them to watch. I had bajillions of dollars worth of copyright violations on spindles of DVD’s and on HD’s throughout my home. Those files, that used to get me pumped, now only made me feel guilty. So I gave up piracy, reluctantly, yet glad to be rid of the feeling of duality, that had pervaded my life.
I am going on 30 years of being connected to some form of network, or the other, I can’t imagine not being “connected”. When I quit the “pirate” scene, I thought I was closing myself off to friends, and losing a big part of my digital life. However, in 2007 I saw my friend playing GRAW 2 on a 360, and my mind was blown, that a console had made it to that level of graphical fidelity (lol). Subsequently, I bought my first ever MS product, and the first game I had purchased since Out of this World, on the Amiga. I was hooked. I missed file sharing but had always loved video games, and I am glad that I replaced scene news, with video game news, and piracy with XBL, Netflix, and taking my kids to see the movies at the theater. Maybe that is why I do not mind paying for XBL, because I came from a world where everything was free, but had such a high cost. Four years later, I am happy, and a little proud, that I was able to walk away from my digital crack, and now pay my way to a company I formerly pilfered. Oh the Irony!