Top 5 Sonic Characters I Want To See Die

iGG: Our second Top 5 list in celebration for Sonic’s 20th anniversary is the characters that I absolutely hate and want to see dead. Sonic’s been around for a while and has a lot of furry friends so this should be easy.

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WhiteLightning3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

No thanks I've already had to see one Sonic character die.

Quagmire3080d ago

...? Thats a sonic character?

Imo, anyone who wasnt in the first 3 sonic games should all get in a plane and fly it into an volcano.

WhiteLightning3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Actually yeah it is

His name is Johnny Lightfoot

I guess no body got the reference or read the official Sonic comics when they were out.

RockmanII73080d ago

Don't be hatin on Big, he should get his own fishing spinoff game. GotY material right there.

Tails just needs to have his balls drop (so to speak) and be an actual worthwhile member. If Sega can't make having Tails help you out then they should have them separate ways.

Shadow should already be dead, him surviving SA2 was stupid. If they needed an evil sonic they should have went with Mecha Sonic.

Amy needs to GTFO I have no idea why Sega insists on including her in every game. If Sega needs a female character I think they could do better with a new character, but knowing Sega making new characters doesn't usually turn out to good.

oghost853080d ago

can we include the the guy who wrote this article? lol just sayin..

oghost853080d ago

just cause YOU dont like them doesn't mean we all do GET FN REAL dudde lol

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