Mass Effect 3: BioWare on surprises, inspiration and tough decisions

"You see humans being harvested and processed to become fuel for the way Reapers reproduce. This is their reproductive cycle and we're just a part of it. We're nothing to them."

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DeadpoolBub3446d ago

This will be 2012's game of the year. No other game will be able to compete with it.

NanoSoldier3446d ago

Isn't that a bit overhasty?

krazykombatant3446d ago

I would like to think so too, but so far i'm not impressed with anything that has come out about this game..

TheOtherTheoG3446d ago

Woop for being able to punch the reporter in the face!

s3fr3446d ago

with multiple saves from me1 n me2, me3's gonna keep me real busy for a really long time.. GOTY or not this is gonna be one of 2012's best

StillFree3446d ago

this is actually the first time they mention Tali in an interview.. i can't wait to see what they do to her. i will lol so hard if she turns out to be ugly..

Redempteur3446d ago

kinda funny they haven't tought about it .
i tought they had at least some details stelled on the LORE of the races but it seems that they make it as they go

MWong3446d ago

I actually thought we were going to see her in ME2 during the Shepard sex scene.

arjman3446d ago

It looked like Tali was trying to assimilate Shepard :P

Tali was the most interesting LI imo, the others just seemed like a fling (Male Shep here). I hope she turns out beautiful, otherwise my Shep is going to die from awkwardness...