Pump up your Playstation 3 Hard Drive to 320GB

For anyone wanting to beef up their Playstation 3 hard drive from the standard 60GB (or whichever model you have) to 320GB then there's good news - Western Digital have just launched a 320GB 2.5 inch Scorpio SATA hard drive. Priced at a reasonable $200, the drive is PS3 compatible.

So, what could you fit in 320GB? Well, probably enough Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XIII saves to last for a lifetime. Since Sony's new format, the Blu-ray brought some extra storage space to the new age disk, hard drives are forced to evolve as we're heading towards a "downloadable future", which will see the DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD only being used for music and films, while the games are made available through online services.

The freedom to upgrade your space without buying a completely new console is a fantastic option for gamers.

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Rama262854867d ago

I'm glad Sony decided to allow us to upgrade our hard drives with any make/model as long as it's 2.5 inch. This is unlike Sony, so a pat on the back is deserved. Imagine having to buy an official accessory which is only limited to what size the company releases and at an inflated price.

I think I'll wait for one this size to come down in price a bit, then my PS3 will be sorted for many years to come....

Lionsguard4867d ago

Too bad it's not 7200rpm but I might pick this up.

vaan4867d ago

Give it six or seven months and that puppy will be on sale for around a buck fifty and I'll swipe it up. Sony's choice of industry standard is another great strentgh of their PlayStation brand. (USB,Blutetooth,SATA, SD, Compact flash etc..)
It also ensures full compatibility, consumer choice and longevity. Other *cough* consoles force you to buy their cheaply made proprietary crap.

HeartlesskizZ4867d ago

I have 300 gb external HDD and 120 internal so Im pretty fine with that =)

deadshark14867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

here if you buy this how do you make it compatible for your ps3 and how can you have 120 gb and 300gb????????????????? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! em if u have to reply plz reply and not type somwherelse lol$ thnx

mark094866d ago

to use the 320gb one in this story you just pop out the one you currently have, and insert the new one (theres vids on youtube that show you how) its great because its very easy, what the guy above you is saying is that he has a 120gb harddrive in his ps3 and also connected a external harddrive, which can be just about any harddrive in the world as apposed to being limmited to 2.5 inches (it wont fit in your ps3 tho, its connected trough a series of cables). There are also videos on how to do this on youtube.

HeartlesskizZ4866d ago

im not so much of a techy but all I know it that all laptops HDD work for the ps3. BUT! you must check the speed. maker sure you have same speed as the ps3 or better for the HDD. and for externals. you can only saved stuff like music,videos,pics,game data. but you cannot save demos or full games in an external HDD =)

athlon7704866d ago

All of the above is correct, any 2.5 sata drive will work, not just any laptop drive. Also, you need a OS to format the drive FAT32. XP will not work, it will not format a hard drive in fat32. Also, Win2k will format fat32 but only up to 32gig. The external drives are the same, need to be formated as fat32, and just connect to the PS3 throught the usb connection. That is how he has a 120 internal and 300gig external. I think FAT32 allows up to 1TB, am I correct on that?

Kleptic4866d ago

I thought the PS3 had a format utility anyway?...meaning you just pop in the 2.5" HDD and the PS3 OS prompts you to format that not true?

my 60 gig is down to about 14 gigs left...I have a ton of videos and most of the good I am ok for a while, the DLNA stuff works perfectly for streaming (just which an update allows for album art streaming) I my 120gig laptop keeps track of my music library just fine...

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Gordii4867d ago

I just bought a 160Gig for that price...

Gamespot-equals-EGM4866d ago

You got so ripped off! I bought a 160gb about 8 months ago for $110. You need to start buying your sh!t on, they have great prices and pretty fast delivery.

160gb's are now selling for about $95. $200 is way too much.

ATLRoAcH4866d ago

Dude thanks.I going to get that Toshiba HDD.$90 is a good price.And Toshiba is quality.

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