PS3 Releases for July 2011

Here's a comprehensive list of game releases for PlayStation 3 in July 2011. It's looking a little dry.

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IronFist3438d ago

Crappy gaming month, nothing interests me at all.

Neckbear3438d ago

Crappy month 'cause there's about no overhyped and probably overrated games?


Ah, whatever. Catherine and El Shaddai for me, and perhaps EDF.

joydestroy3438d ago

i'm with ya, buddy. next games i'm looking forward to don't come out for almost another 2 mon

Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution - 08/23/11 PC
Driver: San Francisco - 08/30/11
Bodycount (spiritual successor to Black) - 08/30/11

gaffyh3438d ago

I've been waiting for Deus Ex 3 for ages, so can't wait for that. I'll probably get it on PC, because I played the previous games on PC.

IronFist3438d ago

DX3 should be awesome, August-November are always great for games.

lalalala3438d ago

July is always wide open, I don't understand why no company releases a big game this month??? They would make a killing.

dude_meister3438d ago

Usually June is also kinda crappy, but infamous released this year.

ksense3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

don't forget the greatest game of all time released as well...Duke Nukem Forever!!!!

but yea the next two months are kinda dry. time to catch up on a lot of games and also hopefully in august the splinter cell trilogy releases as well and Deus Ex is pretty interesting as well. Then September on it will be an onslaught of games. Better Start Saving people!!!

lalalala3438d ago

Lol, don't know if serious o_o

Lelouch3438d ago

Call of Juarez is the only half-decent game coming out :(

dude_meister3438d ago

What's with the disagrees? Catherine is not THAT good a game, if you've seen any of the gameplay videos, you'd know.

Son_Lee3438d ago

Catherine is no question the must-get game in July. Can't wait!!

eddvdm3438d ago

I would take a look at Catherine - rather unique game - but truly, I'm happy I'll be able to save some for the next months:

- Ico & SoTC HD
- Uncharted
- Skyrim
- Silent Hill 2 & 3 HD
- Battlefield 3
- Batman Arkham City
- Bioshock Infinity

omg.. I'll sell a kidney

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