Why WoW's new Free to Play model doesn't matter writes: "Is Blizzard turning over a new leaf? Don’t be so sure, says Emily Gera.

World of Warcraft has gone free-to-play. Sort of.

If you woke up this morning with the urge to read about Blizzard's new game-trial system, you might have seen a news article posted on this and many other websites. World of Warcraft has picked up a torch that's been carried by countless other MMOs as of late: they're giving free, subscription-less access to players for the first 20 levels of their character."

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Ascalon943442d ago

Because World of Warcraft is a waste of time, thats why

Gazondaily3442d ago

You can only play up to lvl 20 and only have 10 gold.

That's akin to giving birth to a child and saying hey, you can only live in Mogadishu, Somalia and live up to 12 years.

This will still get people addicted and make them subscribers.

Heartnet3442d ago

its not like that at all..

A better analogy would be.. Its like playing a demo of a any game...

end off

Neko_Mega3442d ago

This game looks cool and all. But I can't stand the combat system, in less it got better with the add ons.

Which you have to finish the first WoW to more to the next if I remember (Which kills it for me).

NicSage3442d ago

I'm still playing wow, but it has gotten old. RIFT is much more enjoyable. I just do not like the plague of class changes.

Wow is loosing more people than Blizzard lets on, Blackhand one of the oldest servers less and less people play.

Software_Lover3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

That sounds more like a DEMO. I'm currently enthralled in Global Agenda. Which is Free at the moment, but I have already spent 100.00 in real money, buying Elite Agent and Boosters. And I dont feel bad about it.

F2P works people!!!!!!!!! I tried Spiral Knights but the game freezes every 10 seconds. Champions Online wont let me login at all. Forsaken World was kind of slow to me. I need to spend some more time in it. The UI is not as simple as Global Agenda.

All that I'm waiting on is a Mass Effect, hopefully F2P, MMO and The Old Republic.

All these FPS's this gen made me stop playing my ps3/360, but Steam Sales and MMO's here more recently have gotten me back into gaming.

Edit: I liked what I saw from the Free weekend of Rift, but I just cant see myself paying monthly to play a game.

Ascalon943442d ago

Champions online is pretty good if you can ever log in haah

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