Ubisoft breathes new life into Beyond Good & Evil HD for PlayStation Network

Today, Ubisoft announced the availability of Beyond Good & Evil HD, a remastered version of the original cult classic.

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UltimateIdiot9113442d ago

Tried the demo, don't know if I want to shell out $9.99 right now. The bonus avatar doesn't entice me. I want the game but I'll wait for a sale.

christheredhead3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Its a title that is definitely worth 9.99. Its a very unique adventure with great characters and generally something different if you've never played it before. The demo is sort of a bad example of the full experience. Its an awesome game so dont be fooled by the demo if you're interested.

edit: plus the game will run you about 10 to 12 hours. you can definitely play it for longer than that if you enjoy exploring and collecting. i mean for 9.99 its about 4 hours longer than your standard 60 dollar game so you cant go wrong there.

RememberThe3573442d ago

I just bought it when I got home from work. It's still downloading but I loved the original and I don't see why this would be any different.

They should have added the soundtrack to the bundle. It's free anyway to it would have been kind of cool.

ASTAROTH3442d ago

The original game was an underapreciated masterpiece of an adventure game. It sold bad an most people just ignore it. I payed $39.99 for the original on the PS2 and It still is one of the best games of last gen...

Unfortunately most people are just ignoring this game too. Its just 9.99 and its better and longer than most $14.99 games that are available on both the PSN and LIVE. The thing that really saddens me is that we could really say good bye to the posibility of a sequel... even on next gen consoles.

Most people base their purchases just on the popularity of the title and if this is the case... millions will be buying the crap Call of Duty Black Ops DLC but are here complaining about a $9.99 full game. . . ohh God my favourite pastime and the games industry is in decadence and that its thanks to us...


SilentNegotiator3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Interesting demo. IDK, though. All that was in the demo was okay combat and the photography.

Maybe there's more to it, but I'm not really familiar with the game, and the demo was my first encounter with it.

RememberThe3573442d ago

The story, characters, and immersion (for lack of a better word) are what hooked me to it. I played the original last summer and loved it. It was frustrating at time with a camera acting up but the aspects that I listed above kept me glued to it until the end.

trikster403442d ago

It is totally worth $10. One of the best games I played on PS2, and it transferred into HD very well. Highly recommend!

SaiyanFury3442d ago

Agreed, when I learned it had come out, I got it immediately. I was astonished at the quality of of the redone textures, it almost looks like the game was native to that resolution. I'm also very pleased about the locked (so far as I've seen) 60 FPS. Well done Ubi. :)

KonaBro3442d ago

will pick this up without hesitation.

DarkBlood3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

so its really not limited time at the price of 9.99 instead of 15? thats nice i was going to get it now out of impluse but i'll wait till a sale of $7.99

as im trying to decide if i want to get in on the deal of 1 year plus 3 months of psplus lol

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The story is too old to be commented.