Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation Awakenings Transformation Wishlist

SI lists almost 40 transformations and special attacks for the latest Naruto game.

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tayz3488d ago

I hope all of those awakenings are in the game.

Warprincess1163488d ago

Plz no awakenings. If they can't balance it. Don't include it. I seriously don't know how they thought Itachi awakening in Ninja storm 2 was balanced.

tayz3488d ago

In Itachi's defense his jutsu was terrible cause you had to be within a short range for it to work.

rabidpancakeburglar3487d ago

The awakenings were one of the best things in uns2 because they let you experience modes for a short while(take note of that) that would have totally unbalanced the game if they were fully playable.

On topic, I hope to god that they have the nine tails chakra mode as a fully playable character, like they did with sage mode, as it is awesomeness personified.

Optical_Matrix3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

All of them should be in there. I'm guessing this game is looking at a winter 2012 release date and by then I'd imagine the anime will be past that point in the story. Not too sure though as I haven't watched the anime in months. I only read the manga these days. Pierott haven't done the series justice with Shippuuden. 70% of the animation has been terrible in comparison to pre-time skip.

@Warprincess...yeah. No.1 priority for me in this game is that Generations is more balance than the noob fest that was UNS2. As great as the game was, I couldn't bring myself to play online. It wasn't enjoyable. It was just an awakening spam fest. No skill involved at all.

tayz3488d ago

i loved UNS2 more than UNS1 cause of online. all the characters have a weakness. but an option for no awakenings online would make every1 happy.

3487d ago
BigPenguin3487d ago

UNS2 was super fun in the single player battles, but the multiplayer was just total crap IMO. It was unbalanced, and its also a pretty shallow fighter in terms of what you can even do(does not mean I did not play it for hours with friends).

In terms of fighting, Clash of ninja 3 is far superior, it actually holds up on its own as a fighter, not just as an anime tie-in. However, I am still going to get the new UNS when it comes out.

El-Fenemeno12133486d ago

Naruto's new form looks hilarious in color

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