Uncharted 3 - Co-Op Arena Beta Gameplay

Uncharted 3 Beta Gameplay of the mode "Co-Op Arena".

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Hitman07693442d ago

Hell yeah bustin the guns in co-op.

marinelife93442d ago

I played a little this morning. It's fun as all get out. I like how they change up the play modes ala killzone

TheBeast3442d ago

Lol what happpened at the beginning?

Barajas_2013442d ago

i have a question, can i play the beta offline with bots? much like the killzone 3 beta

InfiniteJustice3442d ago

Co-op is amazing fun, you get buttloads of $ for completing it too

HeavenlySnipes3442d ago

the damn beta? Almost everyone here already has PS+ lol