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CheatCC says - I'm not a casual game hater. I've logged as many hours on Dance Central as the next guy. I think that the Kinect, the Move, and the Wii U are all wonderful pieces of technology that will mean great things for gaming once developers learn how to utilize them. However, I'm also not afraid to mention when a developer screws up a control interface. For example, I tried Kinect Star Wars at this year's E3, and it may be the single worst motion-controlled game I have ever played.

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GusBricker3446d ago

Even kinect haters have said this game is pretty damn fun.

My kids will love this.

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Simco8763446d ago

This kind of Star Wars game was made for Move. Accuracy to block blaster bolts, movement with the other controller. Buttons!

You can't go wrong with Move/Wii, why didn't LucasArts go with Move/Wii and port to Kinect?

Morbius4203445d ago

it could be ported later like michael jackson: the experence.

mcstorm3446d ago

From what has been said in this post it dose not sound good for the game but then again there were alot of posts about kinect not working before it was released so there is still time to be worked on this game. The graphics look nice but the e3 demo did look poor. Its not very often we get a poor starwars games so lets hope they tweek the game so when it comes out it works how we all think starwars games should. MS have said kinect can track 1.1 and dance Central and your shape seem to do this so maybe the final build will do it too but ill wait and see what happens when hey bring the game out later on this year.

XRider3446d ago

This looks ok, I think Crytek have the right idea for first person combat with Kinect.