Battlefield 3 on PS3 'will be very similar to PC' - DICE

CVG: Ever since Battlefield 3 was shown off on PS3 there has been some spicy back and forth between DICE and a section of the FPS community.

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theonlylolking3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I wish it had keyboard and mouse support.

What if someone does not have a good enough PC for BF3?

fluffydelusions3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Would be a nice addition but I don't see it happening. TBH though if I'm playing on PS3, I'd rather just use a controller. If I wanted to game on KB/M I'd just use my PC.

sdtarm3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

dice is looking for more flame... just shut up or dont say that sht, so far theyve told us it wont, half players, less enemies on screen, etc. just let it go

itll be good ofcourse anyways

NewMonday3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

i don't much deference between the 2006tech PS3 and high end modern PC versions with a casual look.

IMOO the only deference that matters is the 64 player mode on the PC.

edit: i plan on getting the game for PS3 and PC, but what will i need to ply it at the same level as the PC demos?

I_find_it_funny3261d ago

I'd rather not

gamers with controllers should play against other gamers with controller

M/K vs M/K
ds3 vs ds3

Clarence3261d ago

The game will be great on consoles.

Pixel_Pusher3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

"will be very similar"

yeah I don't think so but it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is gameplay!

MaxXAttaxX3261d ago

I don't see why they shouldn't implement it on the PS3 version..... unless they want to keep it on par with the 360 version.... sigh -_-

badz1493261d ago

if they make it MOVE compatible! trust me...MOVE make wonders for fps on PS3! please DICE, just make it happen already!

lil Titan3261d ago

im tired of people saying "2006" tech cant do this and that, well 2006 tech maynot have done 64 but it has done (and no im not gonna say MAG) 60 online before remember resistance 2? Battlefield 3 is gonna be a good game, honestly Dice is just trying to keep Battlefield 3 name in the air and hype around it long enough when all they need to do is just release another never before seen gameplay vid and they good for another month

Mr_Lu_Kim3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

lil Titan,

mag looks like poo and isn't even full dx9 and is no fun to play and only has a few hand fulls of players left online.

In Australia it's practically dead.

Bad comparison there son. MAG is a $20 bargain bin game these days.


Just sounds like DICE trying to stop the PS3 fanbabbies from crying and just buy the damn game. Good carrot for the asses there DICE lol.

PR0X13260d ago

ps3 version will be 1060x640 0xaa or something like that.

The pc version can be 6000x5000 64AA and shaders and what have you not.

So don't say the ps3 version looks the same as the pc version because it's saying pong and uncharted are the same.

Ju3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

BF3 runs full res on PS3, well, sort of. 1280x704 with MLAA (they use black bars to fill for 720 - 16 lines):

And well, Dice, add one more PS3 gamer asking for Move support. Please, make this happen.

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Organization XII3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

get it for PC lol. And no - it'll be good on PS3, but still a full generation away from the PC version. what a misleading title from a misleading site

MysticStrummer3261d ago

I once gamed on PC and never saw the big advantage to it, other than graphics. With this game however, there is a difference. Player count and larger levels make the PC version the clear winner in this case. I wouldn't say it's a full generation ahead though.

DaTruth3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

If that's a full generation, no wonder nobodies in a hurry for the next consoles! Not much to look forward too! Not enough to fork out $400-$500 for!

If I'm getting a PC that does everything a PC does, plays/encodes HD video, and has these great graphics in gaming, that is totally worth $700-$1000. But a new console for this small upgrade, and this is practically the only game that is much different than its console counterparts aside from AA and res.

ChrisW3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

It will be similar to the PC on WHAT settings? Standard? Max?

Mr Patriot3261d ago

Lower than the lowest settings

badz1493261d ago

the only thing that is low, is your trolling!

SkittlesLikesPopcorn3261d ago

Eagle eye sucks. At least read up about it before recommending it. It doesnt work.

Xim3 is better but thats mostly for the 360.

dc13261d ago

It has 4 out 5 stars with 60+ reviews on Amazon.
Forgive me for not reading about it.. :)

Is there a lag issue? have you used it? Thanks!

Thecraft19893261d ago

Eagle eye Is a good product. Never experience lag.

Kaneda3261d ago

Why do you even need that? I thought PS3 support mouse and keyboard.. just developer needs to implement it. UT on PS3 supports mouse and keyboard..

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Crystallis3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I've played FPS on my friends PC and I prefer the controller. I dont know maybe bc I've been playing with a controller since the beginning of consoles. I also found it harder to play on a controller then with a mouse and Keyboard or I should say aiming with the mouse. Pointing to where I wanted to shoot seemed easier then using my thumbs to aim on my dualshock. Or maybe he had it on easy setting for me bc I was a noob on his PC.

evrfighter3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

If you were playing ai probably. But say that again when you play online and you get lit up within .5 seconds of popping your head up.

Gameplay between pc and console is night and day. Its 10x faster. I saw a kid who dominates cod every round go 1-9 when I built his brother a gaming pc last saturday

Rainstorm813261d ago

That was always a turn off to PC, the ease of point and click......i would think its much easier to point and click than to aim with analog sticks.

But practice makes perfect thats why a gamer with K/M would have an advantage on PC K/M vs K/M, and a console controller gamer would have an advantage with controller vs controller

xAlmostPro3261d ago

if people on the dice/bf3 forums requested mouse & keyboard control config in the ps3 version im sure they'd add it.. it's possible but it's down to the devs.

I personally dont see why all ps3 devs dont just add that control scheme to all games, i'm sure it would attract alot of new customers who like the look of exclusives but hate using control pads

BigDog553261d ago

IMO all games should have customizable control set up! And should have the choice of views! First person, over the shoulder and 3rd person!

leogets3260d ago

lol console gamers only are used to control pads so whats the point of buying a console if ya hate control pads.

TBM3261d ago

It looks great to me DICE, I already have the special edition pre-ordered for my PS3. I don't care about all the back and forth crap going on between grumpy community and them.

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the_best_player3261d ago

All PS3 games support mouse and keyboard google: Eagle Eye PS3

MmaFan-Qc3261d ago

its exactly what i was about to say, ive been a BF player since the bf1942 beta(yep, even a year before the wake island demo) and i cant see myself upgrading my pc before at least 2-3 years, so i would really enjoy a M&Keyboard support on the ps3.....since its up to the devs to allow it

Brosy3261d ago

Its nice of them to say that but the PS3 just cant hang with a built PC. I can see all kinds of differences in the footage. I mean cant they add smoke to the guns report on the PS3 or what?

subtenko3261d ago

Anyone know if BF3 is getting playstation move support? I'll take that over mouse and keyboard. Its nice because I can hold the controller down while sitting, or hold it up while sitting or stand up and/or move around the room instead of being in a fixed position sitting at my computer.

plus my ps3 is hooked up to a giant hdtv and surround sound unlike my PC, so to me its not worth getting on pc since Id rather have the full experience for my set up

xCaptainAmazing3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

OVERRATED. Yes, the combination owns in games not optimized for gamepads (nearly every PC version of any game ever), but there are plenty of gaming PC owners who opt for controller support when it's properly integrated.


1) Using a controller for Source games = stupid and you'll get destroyed.

2) Using a controller when playing games LIKE CoD against keyboard players = a more balanced playing field than you'd think. High sensitivity coupled with sticky aiming over a target virtually removes any perceived KB+M advantage.

Support for Keyboard and Mouse on console will become normal if game consoles have enough features to warrant a more conventional PC interface. Until that time, no game needs it.

On topic: I believe DICE will do the best they can with the time they have. They strike me as a developer that takes pride in their work to a point they would take it personally if one of the versions didn't live up.

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Inside_out3261d ago

So have the rez and half the multi-player equals HALF the game. It should be HALF the PRICE...O_o

Ja555on3261d ago

Its not half a game, its one of the best games on PS3 and Xbox, it would have made more sense if you said that it should be double the price as (at least on PC) it is double the game.

CaliGamer3261d ago

These guys probably need to quiet down for a while. I'm sure the game is going to be good, but statements like this will inevitably be misread by many.

Spinal3261d ago

How so? without the beautiful graphics, smaller maps and no 64 players? I don't THINK SO! lol

I'll stick to my PC version. PS3 i still need to play my uncharted 2.

SuperSaiyan43261d ago

How on earth could it look similar to the PC version at all? Have Dice forgotten that the GPU in the PS3 is even older than the one in the 360?? Unless they plan on using tons of software rendering to make up for the lack of hardware rendering capabilities then maybe?