Sony brand perception 'is clearly improving again' - Stringer

Sony's brand perception is on the rise following a number of financial missteps and PR problems, according to boss Howard Stringer.

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slate913445d ago

I honestly don't think of the PSN problem or anything else when I think of Sony. And I don't think any of my friends do either.
They've had a bad string of luck recently, but it doesn't damage my perception about them at all.
Im just concerned about games, games, and more games. And clearly they are doing a good job in that area.

gamingdroid3445d ago

You will be surprised to see the damage to their brand elsewhere. If you go to other websites that aren't just gaming focused, the comments are quite different when the breached is discussed.

The brand has taken a damage, there is no question about that. The good news is it is improving and in a year or two, we will just remember it like MS RROD i.e. all, but forgotten except by the fanbois.

NanoSoldier3445d ago

I think you cannot compare the RROD to this what happened to Sony PSN. To bring out inaccurate hardware parts and being hacked by some anonymous people are two different things.

MaxXAttaxX3444d ago

NanoSoldier is right. A hack is different than hardware failure.
Besides, the hack happened once and the downtime was no more than a month and RROD happened continually for a few years.

The point is, when most PlayStation gamers think of the PS brand, we think of the games provided on the systems.

gamingdroid3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )


You do know the reason for the RROD was mostly due to the lead-free solder imposed by the EU.

It is no different than:

"Sony CIO Shinji Hasejima said in early May that though the flaw was generally known, Sony management was not aware of it."

I believe it is their job to be aware of it.

... or what about the fact that Sony fired part of their security team? or when there are reports of unpatched webservers or known problems reported by the staff (notice Shinji says MANAGEMENT does not know about it).

What about when Sony had a their optical disc defect on PS2, that resulted in a lawsuit and finally settlement. There was no extended warranty there.

My point being, a screw up is a screw up. Everybody is going to try and cover it up and if they make amends we will just have to move on.

Megaton3445d ago

They've made great losses in brand strength and recognition over the last few years. Everything is "Xbox" now. It comes with the territory when you half-ass advertising against a company that goes balls-deep with ads.

BubbleSniper3445d ago

hate to agree with you, but it's true.

i have always criticized Sony for their poor marketing.

hell, if I remember correctly, I think MS has their own ad company, rofl.

gamingdroid3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

It's more than that, it is razor sharp focus. You got to give it to MS, once they focus on something they tend to give it their all.

Marketing alone can't push a product, especially if you have worthy competitors.

Megaton3445d ago

They do own one, or at least they did. Dunno about its current status. I know they spend big money on ad contracts with Viacom.

They pay to put their brand everywhere, and they try very hard to get celebrities on board. It's all about the PR. Push the image of success 100% of the time. They're very good at that. Probably better at that than anything else they do.

Mr Tretton3444d ago

"It's more than that, it is razor sharp focus. You got to give it to MS, once they focus on something they tend to give it their all."

I wish they would focus on making more of their own studios/making exlusives.

n4gisatroll3445d ago

Obviously, it's not like this will destroy Sony as a whole, sure some people won't have faith, but I never lost it. It's not Sony's fault, whether or not anyone believes, we should blame the hackers. They won't stop, and it's been over a month, an if it's so easy to hack, it would of been hacked by now.

consolez_FTW3445d ago

Thats good to hear, though sony's brand never went down for me even after PSN breach. I hear some paraboid fellows lost all trust in sony even after they reimbursed us...sad folk they are..

colonel1793445d ago

People are way over reacting to this PSN issue. They are over exaggerating everything. I guess this is indeed the generation to hate on Sony.

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