Unreal Tournament 3: IGN Hands-On

IGN Writes: "Graphically, the PC version looked really sharp, as one might expect. Though they weren't right next to each other, we were honestly surprised at how pretty the PS3 version was, not to mention how well it was running."

"The game was silky smooth on Sony's console, though granted it was only running an eight player Deathmatch on a LAN. But still, it certainly looked impressive. As far as controls go, well, do we really need to start a PC versus console debate? PC controls for UT are more precise, end of story."

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Prismo_Fillusion4868d ago

STOP. STOP RIGHT THURR. Both of you and any fanboys reading this. Just stop.

Talk about how good the game will be, regardless of what system (or PC) it's on. That's what this article is about. Talk about it....annnnnd GO!

IdontTakeSides4868d ago

haha..okay can't wait for UT3 on PS3...i could care less bout the PC..version...ohh what happened to the 360 build is there even one..??..

TheMART4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Where are all the games for the PS3? Aren't all multiplatform games later on PS3? RIGHT

MGS4 - delayed
FFXIII - delayed
GT5 - delayed

Stranglehold, Dirt and all those other games, did you forget so soonish fangirls?

The UT3 360 version is known to be released in 2008, which ain't strange with Halo 3 that's just out and their negotiations with MS about mods/maps within the XBL service. Just wait and see. Another 360 version that will run without jaggies and other problems as the PS3 version with every multiplatform game has. It's common sense nowadays the PS3 is for playing BluRay and not games

SofaKingReetodded4868d ago

that the day PS3 overtakes 3FIXME sales, "The Mart" will have to be put on suicide watch. lol

Kaze884868d ago

All the multiplatform games later on ps3? hahaha, your so exaggerating! For example Cod4 which isn't delayed ;)

Yes the UT3 will come to x0 too on 08, but like ign and some other reviews said "the ps3 version runs totally smoothly".
By the way for an example does oblivion,graw2,the darkness,cod4,virtual fighter5,stranglehold,sega rally,stuntman: ignition plus many many many more multiplatform games on ps3 have jaggies or other problems?...NO, so your exaggerating AGAIN. I hate super fanatic fanboys! -_-

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CaliGamer4868d ago

Seems like Epic really put in work on this title, I guess it has to be good if they are going to use it to showcase what their engine can do. I guess we are nearing the point when developers stop b!tchin about how hard the PS3 is and begin making games, who would've have thunk it.

Bebop4868d ago

PS3 will support Keyboard & Mouse.

Hapimeses4868d ago

Yeah, I was surprised this wasn't brought up in the preview.

Armyless4868d ago

to play UT3 on the PS3 with mouse/keyboard.

Kleptic4868d ago

yeah it was suprising that they didn't bring that up at all...comparing the controls of the PC version with the PS3, and then not mentioning the already confirmed K/M support?...not a very good hands on description I would say...

the worst4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

360 will be laggy as hell
TheMART at Xboxkings
you call that halo3 its more like
halo 2.5 theres diff between
halo2 and halo3 just new boards and few weapons

SofaKingReetodded4868d ago

just WOW, where do all these RETARDED reviewers come from?? They musta sent their brains in for maintenance the day Epic announced that the PS3 version has mouse and keyboard support. Yet they troll the PS3 by saying it can't match the PC's mouse and keyboard support.

bwahahahahahahahahahahahhahah ahahha

some people are so anxious to troll the PS3 that they make themselves sound ABSOLUTELY retarded.

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